Kit-tastic: Halloween Kit!

I’ve been having a blast talking with students in my new class (just 1 more day left to sign up!) and I am feeling so inspired – that I had to whip myself up a kit. Most of this came from a recent order I made, and I thought “ooh… maybe I could be super organized for spooky crafting..”

I make myself kits on a regular basis, I just normally don’t share that here. Maybe I should? let me know! This will be my “Halloween” kit. Oh, I have more themed stuff than this, but this will remain in a bag and ready should I want to get scrapbooking or card making with a spooky theme and will serve as my base kit for this October. I stuck to orange + black + kraft + white. There may be tiny touches of yellow, green, or even purple… but my main colors are definitely set. I’ve got those big bold stickers, so I kept my patterns small and useful with lots of great double-sided options. In fact- about 1/2 the papers aren’t “Halloween” – they just fit what I was wanting color and pattern wise! Remember you can always make something feel themed without actually going heavy on themed stuff.

That’s always one of my big holiday craft shopping tips: go for stuff in colors you want, but that could be useful for holiday crafting… or non-holiday! Makes it more useful, and you’ll get more use out of it. Here’s a full kit list –

Links to supplies used:

(note: these papers are all double sided, so the image below might be different than as pictured in my kit. Also, everything except the Martha Stewart Stickers is available at 2peas)

I will tell you – I’ve got a bunch of Halloween and fall projects in the work including some amazing give-aways coming from Martha Stewart… yes, we’re entering fall and I LOVE it! I would take time to make myself an autumn kit too, except well, I think instead I’ll just start crafting!

9 thoughts on “Kit-tastic: Halloween Kit!”

  1. Cool kit! 🙂 It’s a really nice cross-section of different fall lines. I love themed stuff, but have come to appreciate the need for smaller patterns and neutrals in the mix. It makes your paper stash so much more usable. (I *adore* Halloween crafting supplies. Witch Hazel is my favorite new line this year. I’m being “good” — am picking up three papers and the orange & black mini market stickers. I usually only make one or two pages, so it makes sense to (try to) control myself.)

  2. Yes I think you should share more of your kits here! I think the more examples I can see, the better handle I will have on making my own. Thanks for the tip about including smaller patterns; that’s one thing I never think about in my shopping – they just don’t “grab” me like the big patterns do.. but obviously I can’t use all big patterns in my layouts. Enjoying your class! 🙂

  3. I love that you make kits because I think then it takes the hard work out of deciding what works together to make a beautiful project. I have done some pre prep work like thiss when I have gotten ready to go to a crop. I really should do more things like this but it seems that I dont always scrapbook by them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this kit too! I’m a sucker for anything Halloween – loving Washi tape and I think I MUST get this Halloween tape!

  5. Hi May!
    I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the new Jenni Bowlin team. I’m super excited to be working alongside you – you’ve been a long-time inspiration to me and so many others.

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