I’m ready for fall.

This was a wonderful summer in so many ways. Lots of quiet family time, lots of hours spent unplugged and outside, lots of great adventures and memories. This was also the summer that every single piece of technology I own broke. My phone. Then a TV. Then my laptop (multiple times until I replaced it about 2 weeks ago). Then my camera.


I was 3 minutes into Miss E’s first soccer game and it made a horrid thunk noise…

This was the worst of all. The biggest betrayal. How could it dare to do that to me??? I am looking into getting it repaired, but the cost will be great enough that replacement is the far better option. So yes, that happened. I joke that I should go ahead and buy a new printer because ‘ol reliable (aka my wide format printer from HP that i got back in 2005!!!) is the only thing left that hasn’t crapped out.

Anyhow. I’m really ready for fall and a new season that doesn’t involve the death of technology and too many hours researching, buying, and learning new equipment.


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I’m ready for pretty fall leaves and pumpkins to decorate my house, to find beautiful new treasures (isn’t that Mixed Media by Danita Art FABULOUS?! I so want it. Check out her shop– tons of awesome new goodies!), and to enjoy crisp cool mornings as well.

I want to fill up my fall pinterest board with all kinds of finds, treasures, and inspirational ideas.

I want to have energy to create more once again… August has not been good to me creatively speaking. I will talk more about that, and how I ‘fixed’ my inspiration issues as well.

Yes, I’m going to call summer off and call September first the start of Autumn. It is STAMPtember over at www.simonsaysstamp.com – and I’m excited to join in and be a part of that. The www.bigpictureclasses.com free idea festival is on – and I’m a part of that as well. There is a LOT of amazing stuff to look forward to, and I want to make this a September to remember. I’ve got a big line up of projects, features, prizes, and more here on my blog too.

After all – with all new technology in the house I ought to be better than ever – right?!

Now excuse me while I have Melissa help me figure out how to take a photo on the new (big girl) camera, ask my husband how to set some things up here on my laptop, and prepare to make September one to remember…

Happy Crafting!

8 thoughts on “I’m ready for fall.”

  1. Sorry to hear your technology has been ganging up on you this summer — and big items, too, ouch. Would love to know how you like your new camera — Nikon, Canon? Living vicariously. We spent the first day of my week off troubleshooting the wireless internet (needed a new cable + router), our phones (land line) won’t hold a charge anymore — which is a good way to not talk on the phone too much), and the plasma TV has a yellow or red line going down the middle of the display. We’re currently at the “ignoring” stage. lol Have a happy September.

  2. Certainly hope the Autumn will be kinder to you on the technology front, and looking forward to seeing the fruitful harvest of all these lovely, positive plans!
    Alison x

  3. You’ve certainly had a spate of technological bad luck, but congrats on the new camera. Tell us what kind of camera you got and go hug your printer.

  4. My creative flow has been proportionally directed by my emotions. Sometimes my mountains are just mole hills…and personally the highlight of my month was the gift certificate to Blue Moon I won here! lol You certainly amaze me – especially in spite of the technology issues….you give so much! Know that you are so appreciated for all you do give …especially to this lucky blogger in Oklahoma! Have a great weekend May…catch you at Big Picture! 🙂 Hugs !!!

  5. Hey May,
    Happy Autumn to you, down here it’s the first of Spring!!! Inspirational, fresh beginnings, all that!
    Yesterday I spent an hiur crafting with my adult daughter and introduced her to the world of mixed media!
    She LOVED it! She is going to try now to come and have a whole day crafting with me, pure bliss is spending quality time with your girls and it is so very lovely to do when they. Are grown up too!
    Thankyou for reintroducing me to a love I had forgotten! I signed up to Camp Scrap all those weeks ago and am still loving it!
    Hope autumn is more technologically friendly to you 🙂

  6. I totally understand what you mean about how much time it takes to adapt and get things all set up with new technology. It takes away a lot of our time and sucks our creative energy since it’s kind of foreign to a creative way of thinking. Best of luck as things hopefully settle down for you and you get back to your creative habits and away from the draining tech issues!

  7. On what a nuisance about the camera. And in Australia, Sep 1 is the first day of Spring so I think you can call it the first day of autumn!

  8. The summer and my electronics are gone. Looking into a printer first, but LOVE the colors of the canvas. Bring on the fall and the promise of cold artful winter! 🙂

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