summer (fish) dinner.

This is so easy – and super yummy not to mention 100% good for you too.

Salt + pepper to taste some nice fish, put it in a pan, get nice and browned on one side, flip. Put into 375 oven with a bit of chopped macadamias + shredded unsweetened coconut on top. Cook off for a few more minutes until coconut starts to brown (this should get your fish good and cooked too – if a big hunk of fish maybe cook a bit on 2and side of pan before doing oven part).

Serve with mango + red onion diced up and also asparagus, sunflower sprouts, or any other fruit + veg you like!!

5 thoughts on “summer (fish) dinner.”

  1. looks delicious! I made my coconut water-spinich-strawberry smoothie yesterday, all set to add the banana and WHAT? Hubby ate them all. Will buy more next shopping trip and hide some!

  2. May is that a pic of your dish! That is gorgeous pic…also looks scrumptious! Have to vie the macadamia nuts a try as we have been eating a lot of fish lately. TFS!


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