Junior Stamping Kit Hop!

Today I’m excited to be joining in the Simon Says Stamp Junior Stamping kit blog hop! Welcome if you’re new to my blog – I hope you enjoy my post. I’ve got a$25 gift certificate give-away at the end of this post so don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered!

Ok, so what is the Junior Stamping Kit about? Here’s some information from my friends at Simon Says Stamp:

In celebration of crafting with our kids, we have developed this “Junior Stamper” kit targeted for ages 4 through 14.  The kit includes whole assortment of products from stamps, ink, neon papers, coloring pages, twistable crayons, markers, window markers to stickers, washi tape, and scissors (safe for 4+).  There is a huge list of supplies and many of them reusable for a long time to come.  It’s important to celebrate our children and so the kit is complete with a “Junior Stamper” Certificate of achievement.

So first of all – my girls were so excited about being asked to do this “because we’re SO creative! We’ll do really good art!” and they are looking forward to seeing this all posted on my blog. (and yes, I’ll be reading them comments they receive!!)

When I craft with my kids, there are two approaches I take. Approach #1 is that we have  very specific goal in mind, something we have planned out and are working on. This could take the form of us cooking something together, making cards, working on creative homework projects, making festive decor, gift wrapping, and much more. But it is very focused and goal oriented. I love the interaction and teamwork we get going – this is an important part of what we do every week.

Approach #2 is for everyone to do whatever they want, however they want, in whatever way they’d like to do it! I think it is equally important to cut the girls loose. I’ve been asked if I tell my girls “how” to make a scrapbook page or card – the answer is absolutely NOT. I want to encourage them to trust in their own ideas, go their own direction, and most of all (of course) have FUN. Now if they ask me a specific question I will assist. If they want to know how they can manage to get something to work or if I have something, or to explain what I am crafting – well I’m right there and helping out. The fantastic thing about this Simon Says Stamp kit? It was totally intuitive for them and they didn’t once ask me about anything.

Yes, I let them run hog wild. So today’s post is going to be about them and their fun adventures with this kit. I’m going to do the typing and the photography and talk about my observations, but Elizabeth and Rebecca are in fact taking over my blog today to show off their creations. They are quite pleased to be starring on my blog for their craft skills today.

First off, the kit:

I liked all the bright colors, the usefulness of the products, and of course the Simon coloring page. What I also like, is that there is a more structured activity (coloring Simon and cutting that out) as well as room for total crafty freedom. Here is what the girls said:


Everything in this box is mine? Like for me? WOW! I love these colors and oh twistable crayons you know I always wanted those like forever! This paper is really neat my friend had some and we loved it can I play now?


Open everything. open it all now. Leave the box. I want it. [after a moment, she added ‘please’]

Clearly, this was going to be a hit with both girls. I set them up with craft stations, sparkling fruit juice, and some crackers and encouraged them to start with the coloring paper. They really loved getting a package that was totally theirs, and that they could do whatever they felt like with the contents.

They have been playing with these kits for about ten days now and guess what? They show no signs of stopping. I am not allowed to take back over my crafting workstation OR my reading chair (with TV tray table) that they have claimed as their own craft stations. Oh yes, they’re very serious about it. Even with school and soccer starting – they’re jumping back into my studio and crafting away daily!

Ok, so it *is* messing up my own craft routine but I’m so ok with that! I’m making some adjustments to allow them each a separate permanent bin for their things that will let them appear to be mixed in with mine. [organizational note: I’ll post about this separately in a few weeks once finished so you can see.]

Back to the crafting! Above is one of Rebecca’s cards as well as a detail shot of Elizabeth’s coloring. They are so very proud of their creations. They ended up raiding my stickles stash (of course!) and glittered up many a project. I can’t recommend glitter glue (or paint with fine tip applicator if your child isn’t into sparkles) enough. They have a lot of fun with it, and it takes some skill to master so it is good for them too.

Now here’s something I wouldn’t have guessed- they really warmed up to the tape in the kit! In fact, at the moment it is their most favorite element and they are creating a whole world of creatures, trains, and all sorts of things like these guys (a duck, a monster, and a dog). They spend hours on them!

What about the stamping? Oh they LOVE that! They are stamping papers that come home from school, cards, their art projects, their own hands – so much inky love. The ink pad and images in the kit are fantastic – they’ve really enjoyed having their own stamp pads.

I asked the girls if they had anything they wanted to say, what they could tell me now, etc… the answer I got from both of them was that it is AWESOME, and they loved every minute of craft time they’ve gotten from using the kit.

If you have a junior stamper who you’d like to purchase this kit for (it is a GREAT deal!) they are available at Simon Says Stamp here. I just ordered one for my niece that I will save and give her at Christmas.

Thank you for visiting – I hope you’ll check out all of today’s participants and go visit the next stop on this blog hop. That would be the fantastic Jennifer Mcguire and her son!To start at the beginning of the hop (or if you encounter a link that won’t work, etc) you can always begin over at the Simon blog. Happy Crafting!


Give-away time!! So guess what?! My friends over at Simon Says Stamp are letting me give a $25 gift certificate away!! If you’d like to be entered for a chance to win, just leave a comment for my girls here on this post! I will draw a winner on Wednesday the 29th. Congrats Marianne! I’ve sent your info to Simon Says Stamp you are the winner!


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    Your pictures are wonderful, I bet those twistable crayons are a lot of fun to use. My grandsons make paper superheroes, and would probably love to play with you and your paper creatures.
    Thanks for sharing your special projects with us through your Mom’s blog.

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