get it together.

One thing that has really kept my sanity and helped me not forget the 1048473 little details of my days is this paper pad. I put Sunday down where it says “next week” and I don’t really stick hard core to tasks to do each day (though maybe I should!) for now I just write out the appointments/timed stuff on the far left (under each date), then draw a line and use the rest of the lines for each day to fill with notes about phone calls, things to do, and other items not to be missed. The satisfaction of crossing items off is great!

Another good thing, is that when the week is over I tear off the sheet, and transfer anything that needs it to the next page on the pad and set up my next week. This just works so well for me. I do use my iPhone calendar to set up appointments and keep track of long term stuff of course. But breaking down into single week to-do list has been great and satisfaction of crossing items off is a good thing too.

I got this at Target – but I’ve not seen them elsewhere or online. I do see that the same company makes a different one that I think I may switch to when I use this one up. (here on amazon) – we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m remaining calm, and happy in the knowledge that I won’t oops on a big event or small detail for the week – because I’ve got it all written down.

Watch out to-do mountain – I’m coming for you!!

Note: I was previously using teux deux “to do” app on my phone/computer and while I LOVED it and its simplicity there was one fatal flaw: I got to turn on my computer or iPhone to access the list which led to surfing of twitter, websites, firing off fun emails, and other procrastinating. So… yeah. That didn’t work well.

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  1. I love lists but I am horrible about making a shopping list and leaving it at home. These would be great for helping keep my schedule under control. I love all the fancy dancy apps out there but nothing beats paper and pencils!!

  2. I am trying to get back in the habit of making to do lists. I used to do them a decade or two ago. Not everything got done when I would like, but it was kept front and center so that it would not be forgotten. Then someone who was paid a whole lot of money, felt that my to do list was contributing to my severe depression. I cannot tell you haw many times I have felt really bad because I forgot to do a project or make something special for someones birthday. I need a planner habit back or I just may get depressed for lack of organization (Smile). May, on another subject, thank you for your posts on healthy living. You have been an influence along with other scrappy places I visit. I do not think I told you that I did quit smoking 5 weeks ago. Call it crazy, but yes you guys have been a big help even though you did not have a clue. Thank you.

  3. I love to-do lists! But I have to say, my favorite thing about that list in the picture is the “Maybe Never” category. I think I would need WAY more lines on that part of the page!! He he.

  4. I have a pad similar to this that I bought at Michaels. Went to Target yesterday and couldn’t find yours. 🙁
    As much as I love tech and my Apps, for a daily to do list, I still go back to paper and pencil.

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