On my desk…

I’ve been facing the challenge of moving to new laptop. YAY for finally getting it. BOO for days moving so fast that I’m very slow in setting it up. So today I thought I’d let technology help me out and post from the iPhone.


Here is my desk tonight. Finishing up my fall class, working on projects for the blog, and more. Life is barely controlled chaos at the moment- I’m embracing it.

School will begin. Soccer season will settle in. I will keep on plugging along and enjoy the details.


Tonight I’m going to enjoy another unplugged evening and just craft. My kitchen is clean and we are going out to dinner so there’s another thing to celebrate- 24+ more hours before that gets dirty.

Happy crafting.

9 thoughts on “On my desk…”

  1. Ooooooh, a drawerful of doilies. I have doiley envy.

    Wish I could force myself to go unplugged. I will try to take your inspiration. Can’t wait for your fall class.

  2. I hope that you have a lovely, relaxing day! I’d love to try and go unplugged for a day one time, but as my profession revolves around the internet, I’m not quite sure when that would be!!

  3. Oh my…I just love your drawer full of doilies!! The kids are grown and on their own, so no more getting-ready-for-school chaos around here anymore. Enjoy and make wonderful memories…you will survive…lol!

  4. I can relate to the desire to “unplug,” sit down, and create. Today it’s been raining most of the day, so I also plan to spend a significant portion of my evening scrapping at my kitchen table!

  5. First May, I love the pleated strip on your LO and the awesome background. Second, like Jen above, I too could never unplug. Today was day 3 of my son and I painting his room. First year of college starts in one more week with him attending his college’s Marching Band Camp next Monday. Our goal was to totally redo his room and be ready before he gets back to studying. He has chosen awesome colors (Darkening Evening blue and a bright green) and is taking great pride in his first experience of painting. My long-winded point is that he and I both had our iPhones attached at the hip all day, checking emails and texts, Me reading May Flaum and he texting with his girlfriend, LOL. Creativity comes in so many forms and I love the time I’ve spent with Charley “assisting” him in his bedroom makeover. He is very pleased with himself. I hope though, I can return to my craft room soon.

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