Sept SSS card kit: part 1

How do you break into your kits? Do you think about it for a long time? Dive right in? Play with small projects first? No matter how you do it – the important thing is that you use them!! Today I’m breaking into this kit:

I believe in jumping straight into a kit. Just dive in and GO. Otherwise, I tend to avoid using it because it is still new + perfect. Can’t have that! In this month’s kit, I’m loving a lot of those elements, and I’m thinking I’m going to make cards from it too. Although, who knows maybe I will make some layouts too. Anyhow, it is 7am, I want to do something creative before this day that promises total insanity takes over, and I want to see if this kit can help me with something creative and quick.

I decided to focus on the stamp set, and do one of my go-to card designs. Just do one thing, slightly above center, and that is it.

Result: I love it! Super simple, but I got a bit inky, got to dip into some perfect pearls, and best of all this was a 10 minute card which means I didn’t throw off the crazy schedule – but I did work in some creative play time. I’ll be trying some more ideas out with this kit and sharing them tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Supply list:

4 thoughts on “Sept SSS card kit: part 1”

  1. Since I started getting SSS kits I’ve been unable to hold back in playing with them. They just beg to be explored and used up. Great card May…now I am really itching to get mine!

  2. That kit is adorable and I have been wanting to try my hand at making cards. I actually checked out the site and put in an order. I’m excited to get some new stuff. I found your blog from BPS site, I’m interested in taking your Kit-tastic class and learning how to use up the kits that I have been collecting over the last couple of years and getting back into scrapping again!

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