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Hello from soccer camp! [so much cuteness… and looks like I’ve been drafted team mom again this year too] My girls, much to my dismay, love the neon workout gear. Looks like neon is going to be in my crafting future after all. E’s new coach is really getting a jump on stuff apparently – she is starting practice today. Uh, ok… looks like I’ll be working that into the schedule before I expected to!

Oh yes, and Rebecca’s 5th birthday is just around the corner. Shopping done. Now to make a trip to the party store for decor. “Fancy” is our theme this year. We still await her team information.

Kit-tastic is up and open for registration!! I’m finishing up week #4 for that class now – can’t wait to share more peeks with you.

My computer is dying a violent and unpredictable death. I’m going to give up on it, say goodbye, and purchase a new computer very soon. I just need to work a few things out and then set a day to set it all up. In the meantime, loading pictures and editing them is just not an option, so my next crafty post will be from my new computer.

In light of all of that fun stuff – I’m going to take a weekend away from technology and call it an “unplugged” break. I strongly believe in taking a few days off from technology now and then, and since technology isn’t playing nice with me at the moment well – it’s the perfect time to do so. I’ll be back Sunday night to post a new Simon Says Stamp & Show challenge post, and (hopefully) things will be back to normal running speed.

Happy Crafting!

12 thoughts on “Here in my world…”

  1. Have fun on your break! Can you tell us how your new class on kits is different from your last Kit class?

  2. Your girls are adorable and I love the neon! Takes me back to the glorious 80s!
    Looking forward to taking your new class at BPC. Thanks for making it so affordable!
    Enjoy your break! I think we all need to take one sometimes!

  3. Excellent idea to take a little break. I try to do it but I guess you could say I’m addicted. I think I shall take a cue from you and do the same. Soon. But I’m taking 28 Days of Sketches from BPC right now and I hate to get too far backed up on that. Well, anyway, I digress. Please have a great break and those girls of yours look adorable in neon. I have always liked it in clothing (fun stuff) but I don’t think I want it on my layouts. Maybe cards???? I have one neon page I did back in ’99 and every time I look at it I cringe. NOW I guess it’s new again.

  4. those two soccer players are too cute, love the neon! You’ll have to get some new Hero Arts ink pads!
    bummer on the computer, I had a little inkling when mine was about to die so I was somewhat prepared!
    Carbonite to the rescue! Enjoy your technology free weekend! I may do the same… going on a cruise with the Camaro on Saturday – that’s old skool!

  5. I’m not a big fan of neon but it sure looks cute on your girls & will look great when you do a layout with some of their soccer photos.

  6. Never saw two cuter soccer players. (except maybe my son when he played soccer at age 4) And not only do I love the neon on them, I am loving the Hero Arts Neon Ink pads. Got them in pink and orange. Thought I was nuts for doing so but wow, they are kind of fun. As for a non-tech weekend…go for it! I admire your strength. Here I am in Pt Reyes for a few days with lap top, iPhone and my Kindle Fire…sick, I know:) Good luck on the new computer and see you soon.

  7. Today all my gadgets batteries are dead. Maybe they are trying to tell me to do the same – to take a break? I think so.

    Love the phrase Can’t stop won’t stop on the tee-shirts. Might I scrap lift it for a page title?

    Looking forward to kit-tastic this fall. Just got the reminder note from BPClasses to sign up – you share so much, thank you.

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