Scrapbook with 6×6 paper

This summer I’ve been turning to my 6×6 paper pads for die cutting (as I always have), but also to scrapbook layouts as well. Here’s a simple page I created using layered 6×6 papers to create a kind of mat under my photo:



I like to use strips of the paper too – so often I don’t need a paper to go all the way across. If I do? Some patterns you can fake it by strategically placing something over the seam – or some patterns it doesn’t even visibly show if you line it up well.

I’m really loving deep blues + browns lately, and I painted this stenciled image above before I placed anything on my page. This is a big reason I lay out my page, THEN glue stuff down. Just in case I need to place something down under everything else!

I challenge you to use your 6×6 paper pads on your next layout. Or, if you don’t have any – consider a 6×6 paper pad instead of 12×12 collection to save money and try something new! They’re not just for cards and small projects, that’s for sure.

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11 thoughts on “Scrapbook with 6×6 paper”

  1. Definitely something I’m going to try out somewhere this week. I’ve been participating in the hard core drop challenges and this somehow opened up my view to lo’s and other paper projects. I always looked at lo’s as something you need to take your time for, gather the right supplies for that perfect look, etc etc. But after reading your information given in camp scrap and playing along with the challenges that all had only 1 rule : use only core cardstock, I now know it doesn’t have to be that way. Between your camp scrap and the core’s challenges I learned to have fun and to just do it! Don’t think about it too much, just try things out without being scared of failure. (and messing up that perfect paper or wonderfull embellishment!) Thank you for opening my eyes! And yes, I will try this out because I don’t have any reason not to!

  2. Excellent advice. I have quite a few 6″ x 6″ paper packs gathering dust. I usually use them for mini albums or cards. Time to get those bad boys out and slapped on a layout!

  3. I’m going to get right on this. I already had a little layout sketched out to use 6×6 papers. Will execute it and post as soon as possible. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  4. great post – and goodness knows I have an abundance of 6×6 pads… now to use some of this inspiration from you to put them to good use! I have a scrappy weekend coming up, so the pads will get packed!

  5. What a great idea! I am having one of those ‘why did I not think of that’ moments. Tons ov 6 X 6 pads here and tons of kraft/white/black paper lying around. A quick, easy and beautiful way to do layouts! Thanx so much for sharing this. Love the layout!

  6. I’m with Nancy Y above…I have a plethora of 6×6 pads. They are just irresistible and this certainly gives me another reason to use them not to mention justify them, LOL. Thanks May…your LO is fabulous.

  7. Love this post because I have been in LOVE with the 6 X 6 papers for some time because I am a cardmaker and they are so perfect for that. Besides you can store so much more paper in a smaller area. I dont normally like pattern all across a large page as a background any way. Thanks for this great post and layout share.

  8. this post has really sparked something creatively! I just got a Epson pictureMate and had printed out a couple of photos to make sure everything worked. One is a photo of my mom and her lovely sisters….80,87 and 90 year young (I took it at mom’s b’day celebration). Knowing I have a huge collection of 6 by 6 inch paper pads (my latest obsession!) I have multiple ideas running through my head, and I think I see myself doing a layout tonight instead of what ever cleaning up I was planning to do! So glad I decided to peek in to Camp Scrap today. Haven’t been campin’ before this so it must have been fate!

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