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This looks so amazing – and I’m extra xcited because just recently I found (and was inspired by) the wonderful Amy Powers who is teaching it! I could see learning some great techniques, and new ways to incorporate stitching into my craft projects. I’m also thinking the timing couldn’t be better – I could gather skills and start using them for fall and winter holidays with plenty of time to spare.

Here’s more about the Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong:

What makes you happy? So happy that just thinking of it makes you happy all over again? Do you want to discover a way celebrate that happiness all the time? Amy Powers has found the perfect way to honor and remember the happiness of life’s moments…in a beautiful, personalized sampler! Embroidery doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. In this class, Amy will guide you as you create a list of what makes you happy, decide on how to represent those pieces of your happiness in embroidery, and then Amy will share with you how she created this amazing sampler, through a series of videos.

Amy Powers, of the blog inspire co. and creator of the online magazine Inspired Ideas, has developed a fabulous style of embroidery that’s fun, whimsical and charming. As you stitch along with Amy, you’ll learn all about how she finds joy in small things and claims the happiness of her life…in turn, you’ll find your own joy and capture it in a lovely sampler.

Click here to check out Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong, watch Amy’s video, and register for class. Class starts the 22and of June, but remember that you have forever access – so you can create your project at any point! There is no rush.

Would you like the chance to win a spot in this class? Leave a comment here and a winner will be drawn on the 19th of June and notified via email, as well as posted here.

Congrats to Jessica Monte! I’ve contacted you via email.

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  1. I love doing embroidery but always feel like my skills are lacking. This class would be great practice and I love the theme of the class! Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  2. Oh my that sampler sneak is exquisite. I would love to have the opportunity to take this class.

  3. Looks like an awesome class! Embroidery was one of my first crafty attempts, my Grandmom taught me when I was about 7! I’d love to play along!

  4. That class looks like so much fun! I did embroidery when I was in grade school! LOL I would love to try it again!

  5. I used to do cross stitch and have stopped since discovering scrapbooking. So this class could get me inspired to get back to it. I have some Christmas stockings I have been working on for over 10 years. Thanks for a chance.

  6. I got the email for this class during the week and it looks like such a great sampler! I’d love to win – thanks for the chance!

  7. I’d love to learn how to stitch with my crafting. Love to learn! Thanks for the chance.

  8. This would be perfect for me to brush up on my embroidery skills.I’d love to win a spot in this class. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. This sampler is just beautiful!! This will be a very creative but challenging class (for me) which sounds very exciting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I have just started back doing embroidery. It’s great in the summer as it is so portable. I can take it with me.

  11. I’ve always loved stitching but stopped when I had my children. I would love a refresher course!

  12. Oh, that sampler looks so cute! I used to cross stitch, but gave it up for scrapbooking – and the quicker gratification that comes with it. I’d love to win this class – thanks for the chance!

  13. I saw this class and was so tempted to sign up. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  14. I have always wanted to try this. It is so inspiring. I really have to take this class.

  15. Love this, I use to do alot of cross stitch and embroidery as a child….fond memories. This renews my creative textile energy !!


  16. I embroidered as a child with my grandma, but haven’t done it in YEARS! Those are some of my happiest memories, and I would LOVE the chance to win a seat in this class. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I used to embroider years ago; my teenaged self had blue jeans custom embroidered by me, back in the day when wearing jeans was just being allowed in schools! It’s great to see this craft gaining in popularity again; thanks for the chance to win Amy’s fun class.

  18. I have already signed up for this class and can’t wait for it to begin! The sneak peek of the sampler is so fun! I know I’m using tons of exclaimation points but I’m just so excited! Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. What an amazing prize! I’m desperate to learn embroidery so this class would be a fantastic opportunity.

  20. I love to embroider, but I get frustrated when I don’t have the skills needed to complete a project. This would be the perfect class for me!

  21. It has been awhile since I completed any embroidery but I would love to start using these techniques again by winning this class!

  22. Ooh!! Would love to take this class. I do punch needle embroidery but would love to experiment more on my layouts.

  23. OOOH I would love to wina spot in this class what fun and I already have everything on the supply list and have for years… LOL

  24. I used to embroider when I was very young. I’m afraid I have forgotten most of what I learned. This will be perfect for me.
    Thanks for posting this.

  25. I would love to win this prize. I learned to embroider back in the 70’s when it was cool to have embroidery on your cut offs. So much fun!!

  26. I love to embroider, but I haven’t done it in a while. This would be a great class to get me going again.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. This truly looks like a cute idea. I have done a lot of embroidery over the years. Six of the nine Christmas stockings I have made for our family are crewel embroidery and the other three are counted cross stitch. Currently I have four more stockings to make to catch up with the number of grandchildren we have.

  28. I spent a TON of hour embroidering as a kid and teenager. Haven’t done any in years…. maybe time to give it a go again.

  29. I used to cross stitch in my late teens / early twenties but have always wanted to try embroidery. Thank you for the chance.

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