My fingers are ink covered

Between last week of school, camp scrap prep, and the new fall BPC class prep… well it has just been more than the usual busy. I’ve been spending hours on this blog actually… you’ll be seeing a lot very, very soon. In fact, I know what I can blog today… how about some sneak peeks of projects coming in the next few weeks?

Camp Scrap posts are getting drafted, videos uploaded, projects photographed. It all starts on Monday the 11th – but I might just start on Sunday the 10th with posting what you can expect for the first week.

So please excuse my radio silence [hey, I did give you 2 little sneak peeks there!] and just know it’ll be worth it…

12 thoughts on “My fingers are ink covered”

  1. I’m so looking forward to this. I have been working so hard, and no end in sight. My only vacation will be those moments I spend at Camp Scrap. Thanks so much May. Your class means the world to me!

  2. Ooh, I am liking what I see. I am so ready for bright colors and getting messy:)

  3. Rainbow of flavor sneak looks good enough to eat! The anticipation continues to build.

  4. May, you are so fun and colorful. Thanks for the tidbits. I’ll be back for the main course for sure!

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