Camp Scrap images for bloggers

I almost forgot! If you have a blog and would like to have a Camp Scrap image to have in your side-bar – cool! Here are a few you’re welcome to use. NOTE: so, every blog type is different, so I’m just giving you the URL for the image. You will need to insert it, add code, whatever it is you need to do for your kind of blog. if you need help, google “how to insert image into sidebar on __[blogspot, typepad, etc]__ blog” and you’ll get it.




Note: If you do put one of these up – be sure to leave me a comment (with link to your blog) and let me know! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Camp Scrap images for bloggers”

  1. How nice of you to let us play with you this summer. Had so much fun at Camp Scrap last summer!
    Sharing on my blog today:) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Can’t wait to see what’s cookin’ this year! Added sidebar widget and will be sharing on my blog this weekend.

  3. Hi May! Looking forward to this year’s “camp” – I missed it last year. I posted info on my blog when you first announced Camp Scrap and again today. I had a little trouble adding the code so I copied the picture and linked it to your blog post for Camp Scrap! I love when I can finally figure this stuff out!

  4. Hi May,
    I’ve added a call out to Camp Scrap on my blog! I’m so excited to jump back into scrapping. I ended up taking the month of May off due to my pregnancy exhaustion, but I am feeling so much better and can’t wait to get started.
    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event.

  5. Hi May, Two crafting sisters is ready to go to camp! Loooking forward to all the fun. Thanks!

  6. Finally got around to posting about this on my blog! I can’t add it to my sidebar due to the template I’m using on Typepad, but I put it in the body of the post. ~ Laura

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