color trend | peach + mint

Peach + mint – who knew? This week it has popped up like crazy – like I’ve never seen it before! Enough so that I have to make note, and┬áplay with the color combo as a potential new fave…

Studio Calico’s SoCal kit is sold out (darn it!) but look at all that paech + minty green.

While at Kohls I noticed a full line of clothes + jewelry that had a lot of gold, peach, and mint not to mention beautiful creams, roses, and a very vintage feel.

Then this morning as I was thinking “is it just me? Should I blog this new trendy combo?” I read a piece from Betsy White featuring what now? Oh yes, mint + peach.

So I think it is safe to say the combo is on the rise.

Not quite as pastel, but I did find this color swatch that I’d saved a while back that has a similar feel (the photo, at least)…

So now I’m inspired to see if (and how) I might incorporate this combo into my own crafting, and of course see what products I already have that will fit the bill!

5 thoughts on “color trend | peach + mint”

  1. I am kind of laughing at this combo. I too have noticed it popping up everywhere. In the mid-70s I was a clothing buyer for a small collection of women’s shops. We saw this combo then too and called it Shrimp and Mint, LOL. I wasn’t too fond of it then, but I have to say nearly 40 years later it is starting to grow on me.

  2. I love seafoam green and orange and this combo is close to my faves so it’s fun to learn it’s a new trend. Looking forward to your summer scrap camp! Just finishing LOAD so looking for new challenges!

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