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I never understood the appeal. I guess this was one of those things where I knew what it did, but it just never felt relevant to what I do. While at Ranger U there were some things that while cool, I knew wouldn’t translate to my “real life” crafting. That’s ok. Then there were other things that felt like absolute lightbulb moments.

The brayer was one of them.

Why? Here’s a video introducing what I love about it – and how it works with all my distress stains, inks, mists, etc… note this was a “one take” very informal video… “like” is over used and yikes. anyhow! here you go:

[youtube link]

I can’t wait to explore all of the things I can do with this new little tool. So simple – and it’s stretching my existing stash of color mediums. LOVE that!

Simon Says Stamp carries all three sizes (I believe mine is the small one) here are links:

10 thoughts on “New love | Brayer”

  1. Loved your little vid May:))) You just taught me a couple more things I could do with my brayer!!! Thank you! Every time I use mine I say to myself……”myself, how did I not get one of these sooner”! Can’t wait for your tuts:)
    Have a happy day:)

  2. Love it now I have another use for my brayer…another experiment for my journal.

  3. I have been in the same “it is not relevant to me” camp as you when it came to my brayer. Now I am anxious to learn more techniques for Mr. Brayer. It looks like creative fun and that brayer will no longer be something I purchased but almost never use. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I love the size of your brayer. Mine is huge. Really love the look with the Dylusions

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