Spring Workshop [PDF available]

Last weekend I had a great time teaching my spring workshop down at Scrapbook Island in San Jose, CA – here’s a picture of the classroom as students just began coming in and picking seats. And here’s my play table all set up and ready for mess making…

In class we made tags and layouts (didn’t have time for our card!) and some students took ideas and created mini books and other projects too. I always love to see what people will do and make! When I teach a class, generally speaking you will not see those projects posted openly on-line. They are meant for the students of that class – and kept if not exclusive, at least only seen in other classes. That being said, I’ve been asked if I’d consider making a PDF file available for purchase and delivered via email from my classes that I teach at local stores, for those who could not attend.

As it happens, I do make PDF files for my in-person workshops most of the time. Photos of the projects, some measurements, tips, general ideas and reminders of how I did certain things. It takes the stress off of students to make note of every single thing, or any need to keep up with me. This handout also serves as my teaching guide to remind me of points I don’t want to miss.

This turned out to be a sold-out class! So no, I don’t have class kits. However I do have a handout for this class- it features 6 exclusive class projects (3 layouts, 2 tags, 1 card), as well as images of 2 additional class inspired layouts. There are not detailed step-by-step style instructions, but general direction, detail shots, and tips are included. It is 13 pages long and also includes thoughts on spring 2012 scrapbooking trends, and how I like to incorporate them.

If you would like this PDF file, it is available for $5. I will email the PDF to you after payment is processed. Just click the paypal ‘buy’ button below to complete transaction.

 note: once I recieve your info from paypal, the PDF will be emailed to you. If you do not hear from me within 8hrs, please email me mflaum@comcast.net.

Just a note – some of the products that are featured in the projects in this class include:

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