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I’m still in the clean/sort/think stage. To be quite honest it’s boring. Finding empty packaging and things that just need a home… but as I do this I also craft in my new set up and find what is and is not working. Here’s a photo of the top of what used to be my kids changing table (and now is mine for craftiness/storage/etc) The shelves sitting on top of it once went to a desk that was J’s sister’s when she was a kid and I got my hands on it when some stuff in storage was being cleared out. It’s been with me for 10+ years. It’s a great size. I’m not set on how I have my dies or ribbons on the same shelf. I already sense issues there – but that’s ok! Point is dies and ribbons (among other things) have a place, and as I clean I’ve got somewhere to set them.

The small adjustments can come later – so very easily. It’s the cleaning that is the focus right now. I will say I was unsure about not having my color mediums at my main desk… but it’s actually better so far. Less chance of misting my water cup or inking a photo by accident. I also really am digging having 2 smaller work spaces available to me for multiple projects, allowing things to dry, etc.

So far my biggest problem area is embellishments – that remains unsolved. A big part of that is that I need to finish clearing/cleaning so I see what space I have to work with fully, and what solutions might be best.

Unrelated to that: I have made one major (to me) improvement. I have added a little step-shelf thing from a trip to the hardware store (found in storage section). In my experience kitchen and garage (and sometimes, but less often, office) supply are great resources for crafting storage. I got this shelf meant for spice storage in your cupboard for my mists/paints/stains..

It is fantastic. I can get at everything, I can see what colors I have where, and most importantly I remember to put stuff back.

One of my biggest tips – and I speak from experience of doing it the wrong way a lot – is to make sure you set yourself up with extra room when possible, don’t be exact. There should be some wiggle room or you’ll just have a mess (or have to re-do) as soon as you add even one little thing. This was put to the test as I came home with 2 new mists + 2 new paints last weekend – no problem! There was plenty of room.

One small step forward, sure. But those small steps will keep adding up. The positive progress, if I keep at this, will eventually lead to a peaceful space that doesn’t overwhelm or terrify.

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  1. LOVE the idea of the step shelf! Brilliant! I use them in the pantry…they are perfect for all the (new) paint dabbers, paints, stains, mists I’ve collected recently. Thank you again for sharing your journey. It is a big deal to do that, and I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. May, you got me started cleaning my studio and you are right. It is very boring. However, I am finding things I had forgotten about and where I have relocated things makes more sense for how I scrap now. I am really curious to see what solution you find for all the store bought die cuts, journaling tags, paper strips. That one still baffels me. Your desk is looking good.

  3. TERRIFY is good word. My feeling exactly when I entered my craft space. But you’ve inspired me to cull out what I don’t use and reorganize (logically) what I do.

  4. That step shelf/spice rack caught my eye right away. Love that idea – will have to look for one like it. I bought a couple more mists and paints yesterday and don’t have room for them. Its fun to watch your progress.

  5. I am so glad you are going through this process with us. I am in the same situation, trying to decide where to put things for easy access, how to deal with years of embellishments. I can only have so many containers!!! Thanks.

  6. the step shelf is a great thing, I have one in my craft cupboard. But having it out close at hand makes a lot of sense too. I like how it’s sort of a non-slip surface too! I just re-did my die-cut area, taking a cue from your shelf. I got a shelf thing from Lowes (ClosetMaid) and found some cool bins in the dollar spot at Target to hold embossing folders, tins with my Nesties etc. It’s working out great.

  7. I’ve got to visit a home improvement store this weekend and I’m looking for one of those shelves.I really like the idea of being able to see all my colors.And I think it would make it so much easier to put things back when I’m done.

  8. I’m heading out to the hardware store right now to get a step shelf for my paints, inks, mists, sprays, and other bottles of scrapbooking goodness. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. That rack is fantastic. It’s great to have all your paints, mists and stains together so you can see them. And I’m with you on not having them on your main work area. I was working with a brand new bottle of Jenni Bowlin paint the other day and obvisoulsy squeezed too hard as I blew the lid off and splotched paint everywhere. Lucky I was using my misting box so apart from wasting some paint, no damage!

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