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Have you seen the corner chomper? Do you use it? How do you like it?

These are questions I get on a regular basis. The answer is, I have no clue! I didn’t even know exactly what it was until I saw Kristina Werner use it in a card video – and when I saw it I was very curious indeed – I mean, it seems like a big tool just to cut some corners.

We R Memory Keepers sent me one to check out, and I’m thrilled to report that I love it. Today I will explain why, how to use it, and share a card I created using their new Anthology line as well.

The tool has two sides – 1/4″ and 1/2″. You pop open the tabs at the sides (which pop open so you can insert paper and punch perfectly rounded corners, then you can close for storage) – and go!

Above you can see the 1/4″ (left) and 1/2″ (right) cuts that it makes. The really cool thing is that this will chomp through chipboard, transparencies, heavy paper, and even more than one sheet of paper. I created this card using the new Anthologie line – and was able to easily punch the corners with the card closed. AWESOME!

If you’re like me and cut a lot of corners (heh) – this is the tool for you. Yes, it’s a bit big for the little job it does, but it does that job well, and is the strongest corner punch I’ve encountered. You’ll be seeing it a lot around my projects for sure.

This tool is in stores now – I’ve noted that it is in stock at,, and

17 thoughts on “Tool | Corner Chomper by We R Memory Keepers”

  1. I have had this tool for awhile and love it! I have cut thick and thin. Love, love, this tool!

  2. this is one of my favorite tools! i have 3 of them, all different kinds of corners, but this one i take everywhere!

  3. I’ve had mine for quite some time and I love it too.It’s always in arm’s reach on my desk.

  4. Thanx for the review. I have seen it an have not gotten it as of yet. I have another brand of a similar item which broke after 2-3 uses :(. Since I have also seen it at my local AC Moore and Michael’s stores I may give this one a try. Thanx for sharing

  5. I have three of these. I love them and use them a lot. The one demonstrated here I use the most often, It makes two sizes of corners and I carry this with me in my tool kit all the time. I had a number of different corner chompers from various companies but none compare in ease of use as this one. I also have two others. They cut different shaped corners, clouds,scallop, stub and deco. These are wonderful too. I keep these on my wall with easy reach of my work table. Great tool used a lot!

  6. I just ordered my from a LSS and will be in next week woo hoo ,can wait to get it in my busy hands.

  7. I have two: the blue handle and yellow. I really like using the 1/8″ cut. I does cut through most anything. I have used it a lot on plastic packaging material instead of buying acrylic sheets.

  8. I was curious to see if there were any negative comments. Haven’t any of you gotten the little “nicks” on the corners (doesn’t make a perfect curve?) I specifically purchased mine for chipboard because I make a lot of mini’s. But I’m not happy with the imperfect corner. . .anyone have suggestions? Or do you just ignore it? Thanks.

  9. The only time my corner has come out imperfect is when I didn’t have the paper in straight. If this happens, I just stick it back in and adjust a bit, re-cut, and it always trims that extra little bit off that I didn’t get the first time just fine. Hope that helps!

  10. I use my corner chompers all the time. I have 2 and my sister has 2. They are great

  11. I got mine at a salvalge good store in NC…great purchase. LOVE IT and the deal was GRRREAT!

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