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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Pink Paislee, and this release did not disappoint! What I really loved is that they have two lines that are more neutral (and masculine friendly) and two very flourish filled, not shy of pink lines. LOVE the variety! First, here’s a photo of Melissa Stinson (and her fabulous layout) with Pink Paislee’s owner Rebecca.

Note: want even more Pink Paislee CHA pics? Visit Melissa’s blog. She’s on their design team + she has got a whole tour here.

Where to start? I have to go with my favorite line from Pink Paislee, one of my favorites of the whole show…

{oh my! this is now the point where I become so overwhelmed by loveliness that I forget to take pictures… so here are some photos by the amazing Melissa.}

Do you see those spool tops? the neutral papers? the buttons? *swoons* This one pushes all my buttons in just the right way. Believe me, I’m dreaming up an in-person class with this right away.

Oh but here’s the awesome part. Their other three lines are amazing + lovely + fabulous as well! Here are some peeks (and pictures I took)…

This is Prairie Hill. I’m loving the pioneer/country chic feel of this. And these rosettes? the cool patterns and designs of the paper? ahhh… love.

And there is Indigo Bleu… (photo credit: Melissa Stinson) gotta love the soft blues, creamy yellows, and hint of grey…

There is also Spring Jubilee, and if some of these designs look familiar it’s because they are from House of 3 (which no longer exists, but used to sell digital product). As I own many of these designs in digital form I’m excited to see them in paper form too. Especially the cards and tags that are so much like the things I print myself (this makes it so much easier!)

the text patterns mixed in makes me giddy…

As always their whole booth was decorated and filled with lovely samples and decor. Here’s just one picture I took…

There is actually a fifth line, I talked about it yesterday if you want to see more check it out here (Christy Tomlinson She Art)

Now we just have to wait for it to hit store shelves!

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  1. I am so overwhelmed with all the awesomeness of the new lines that my brain is ready to explode.

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