Recommended supplies [part 2]

I already shared my “staples” suggestions that apply both in general and specifically to my upcoming class Field Guide. Now I’m back to share a “part 2”, things that I don’t think of as absolute basics/I can’t craft without it items but that I still think are 100% awesome and recommended for class (and again, in general).

Remember for class you do NOT need to buy anything. You can work within your stash, make substitutions, etc. That disclaimer given, let’s dive in! 

1. Embossing Powder. Whether you choose UTEE (thick) or regular, I recommend both Ranger and American Crafts, though there are a LOT of brands. I suggest clear, metallic shades, or neutrals. I use distress ink + clear when I want a “colored” embossed look. I use Versamark ink pad or distress ink pads NOT EMBOSSING INK when I do my stuff. I have nothing against the stuff- I just minimize cost + supplies where I can, and other things can multi-task instead of having such a specific ink pad taking up space. You WILL need a heat gun for this though. NOTE: glossy accents can so take place of clear embossing powder in most cases.

2. Distress Stickles. I may do a whole post on this stuff. I *LOVE* distress stickles. I struggle to NOT put it on every project. ANY glitter (or no glitter at all) is cool – it’s just a product I LURVE A WHOLE LOT.

3. STENCILS! I adore the 6″ crafters workshop ones. ADORE! They are such fun to use with mists, texture mediums, paint, and more. You can view a video I did about them here if you’re on the fence or want to know more about them. They make 12″ ones too which are great, I just find I don’t need HUGE pattern very often.

4. molding/modeling paste is straight up fun. Add texture, mix with color mediums, create patterns and dimension… it’s simple stuff and works great with templates too. In most cases multi-medium (rec’d in my previous post) could stand in for this – especially if mixed with heavy acrylic paint.

5. Claudine Hellmuth’s sticky back canvas. I use a few (3×5, 5×7, 8×10) canvases during class, but sticky back canvas is like canvas paper. You can print on it, tear it, cut it, die cut it… oh it’s awesome. AND it’s adhesive backed and ready to party on any card, layout, or other project. This is one of those “if you like the look of it, give it a try!” suggestions, I know I use and love mine!

6. Background stamp. Whether a larger or smaller pattern, shape or text, I love background stamps. Use on letter stickers, on background paper, with versamark for faint look, to add layer to a mixed media piece… oh I LOVE them.

7. Ranger Craft Mat. While you can just use slick plastic packaging or other surfaces when you want to ink, pool up distress ink, mist, and do other messy things, this mat has been so valuable to me over the years. It’s a great tool that you can use without fear of melting with your heat tool either.

8. Ranger metal foil sheets. I just love this foil! Use paint, alcohol ink, embossing powder, emboss it, stamp on it… just a cool surface.

9. Archival Ink in jet black. Staz-On is just as good, the point is that a juicy black ink pad that will stamp on/over most surfaces is a GREAT tool. Love mine. Use them often.

10. Grunge paper. Die cut it, layer it, and terrorize it all you want. It’s not going to care – and in fact it’s just a whole lot of fun.

I realize a lot of this list is Ranger Ink brand products. I don’t (nor have I ever) worked for Ranger, I just really love their stuff. It’s a base to so many of my creations, and truly a favorite.

I use (and love) so many more things both everyday and in class. This list, like the last one I shared, is designed to talk about items that you can use with other products, on your paper projects, give you some ideas, and that help extend and customize your stash. If you have questions about my suggestions, my stash, Field Guide, or anything else don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment here.

Again, here’s the link to part 1 (aka ‘basics’) suggested supply post.

6 thoughts on “Recommended supplies [part 2]”

  1. Good question! No.

    Gesso can sub for white paint (or the other way around).

    A sub for molding paste would need to be something that can stand up/be molded. Matte finish multi medium + thick acrylic paint works. Some thick acrylic paints would work too.

    If you don’t have it, it first shows up in week 5 and continues to appear now and then throughout class. You could decide then if you wanted some or not.

  2. Okay, I had to laugh at the mental image of terrorizing my grunge board – although I’m sure it would stand up to it! Thanks May, for not only a comprehensive list but an idea of what’s in store during Field Guide… see you there!

  3. Now the adrenalin is rising. Yesterday I ordered a pile of stuff for not only the class but also, unbelievably, a friend has invited me to join her and a few friends in her new studio. We’re going to be painting on canvas??!!! Paint brushes, paint??!! Aaarggghh scary!! 🙂
    I ordered the Hellmuth mini medium set, which has a few different things in there for me to try. I haven’t ordered any gesso or molding paste or spackle or goodness knows what else, as I don’t understand them properly yet. I live in the U.K, so I also have to struggle with the different names/brands there can be for certain things. I’m always using replacements for things, so that’s fine – I’ll either adapt or wait until I can get the ‘proper’ thing.

    Soooo excited/nervous of my lack of ability but I’ll just roll with it 🙂

  4. I am so looking forward to class May! I always feel like four weeks goes by too fast so twelve will be fantastic. Appreciate you posting the supply lists. I’m going to organize my stuff this weekend. I have 12/20 on your list and will just make do. Trying to be smarter about my purchases this year. Can’t wait to get started!

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