Field Guide Peek…

Want a peek at week #5 of Field Guide?

“GO” is a great way to describe my week! PHEW! Just wrapped up some content with embossing and molding/modeling paste and started a canvas series for class too.

You see, I’m breaking down a mixed media canvas over 4 weeks of class (weeks 5-8) in video to really get into process and ideas. Not related to the peek above – my canvas doesn’t have enough to peek at yet it is still blank!

I’m off to start work on week #6 of class. So far I’ve uploaded like 50gigs of videos or some such crazy amount. I’m grinning and loving every minute.

For more on class here’s the link to the BPC page.

Got questions? Fire away! I’m going to do a few more posts about it here on my blog FOR SURE.

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  1. May, i ahve a few + questions about supplies i am 2+ hours from any type of craft store + have only a limited Walmart. I would rather have supplies that I might only use once vs not have them. I see this class as expanding my wings and trying techniques and projects new to me. So what size canvas do we need to have? How many? Can you elaborate on the fabric, felt, etc? How big? How many? I don’t have a sewing machine. Alternatives? Washi tape: which one(s) would you buy? Which stencil would you get. The chevron NEVER seems to be in stock. I believe you mentioned the stars before… Any particular size punches of any particular shape? Are the memory makers acrylic paints ok. Or do you suggest something different? What color Tim holtz’s paint dabblers would you get?

  2. Oops sorry didn’t finish. Do you suggest a particular selection of coordinating papers, I.e. a kit or new line that you will be using that we might want try? I always appreciate your dedication in helping us use our stash and not spend unwisely, but since this class is about techniques, I want to make sure I have the right (and enough) supplies to fully participate and enjoy the class. As you can see I am very excited (and a little anal retentive). Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Hi
    I’m with Lisa. I have what my partner calls alot of crafty stuff but I know better than that. I don’t have such things as gesso (???) and such arty stuff; in fact I don’t even have Promarkers as I don’t stamp that much. I have plenty of papers though. I’ve just noticed on the right hand side of your blog there’s a section called ‘Craft staples’, so maybe I need to get some of the stuff on there. If you could do some sort of basic essentials kit though, that would be ideal before I sign up for the class because of course that will add up the cost. I know we can replace what you suggest with our own ideas to make it truely practical and creative, what I’d like a basic idea of what I’ll need to replace 🙂
    You don’t have to inspire me anymore to do the class as I’ve seen the video you put on BPC about the class and that’s motivated me heaps. Now it’s down to the nitty gritty practical stuff.

  4. Lisa – I’ve just seen that there’s a basic supply list on the BPC page – but I didn’t find that that useful although there are a couple of things on there, I will get. Since May is creating the course as we type, it’s hard I suppose to think of things. Don’t forget, once we sign up for the class, you’ve got a lifetime to create – you can always wait until you’ve got what you want at your K-mart or wherever.

  5. Here is a link to part 1 (of 2) supply suggestions post I did:

    I’ve emailed you, but will share here (in case anyone is reading and has same question) that most anything is subsitutable. Don’t have washi tape? No sweat. Use ribbon or paper strips. ANY acrylic paint would do – one or two colors should be fine. No sew machine? No problem! I don’t focus on it because it is a big and expensive item, rather I show hand stitching in class (that you could also do machine if you had one) and try to focus on things that are readily available and/or common supplies.

    I do recommend Crafter’s Workshop templates (6″ ones) in any design you like because they are just so fun and awesome.

    I am making “part 2” of my series (on supplies) a priority – I’ll have it up Wednesday.

  6. great question! I welcome them (of course) as well as email (mflaum @ Comcast. net) ANY TIME. I’m big on being a “hands on” instructor.

    I use a ton of things, all over the spectrum from old to new. I rarely use the same line twice, just because I want to give and show you variety. I ADORE Core’dinations cardstock (esp. kraft core and ‘spotted’ lately) and so much more – really whatever you’ve got paper wise will be fine. that said if you WANT to shop just for fun – let me know. I’m a championship enabler…

  7. the ‘craft staples’ on the side of my blog is more in-general my favorite things. Most you will see in class, but the stuff I talk about in my ‘supply’ post: is more what I recommend for class.

    You are absolutely RIGHT that you can get creative and I will help you substitute however you need as well as help you stay inspired. I’m SO excited you’ll be joining me for class!

  8. you are SO right, and because it’s a 12-week class you may see things you want to come back to. Also: I do a lot more projects than you’ll likely complete in class so you may pick & choose what inspires you.

    Each week I give a very general “assignment” to you, challenges on the message board, and of course I welcome email and personalized assistance as well.

    can you tell I’m EXCITED for class?!

  9. OMG! I’ve done it! I’ve signed up!! Now I’m about to hit panic mode – in a nice way.I’ve done myself a year plan for crafting and this course is one of the things on there. Yikes! I have to do stuff, I have to keep motivated, not discouraged at my lack of ‘ability’ to let go and be free with my creations.
    Here’s my initial hello to all other class mates:



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