in 2011…

I’m writing this as the clock strikes twelve and fireworks are going wild outside…

In 2011 I put together a book for F&W publishing.

Remained EXACTLY the same weight despite some gain + loss during year.

Made some changes, am no longer on any design teams.

Took my first trip to South Carolina. Saw my (baby) cousin graduate Basic Training. Spent good one-on-one time with my aunt.

Finally met my friend Stephanie Howell – and had an utterly perfect lady-date in my favorite city of Savannah.

Was asked (and accepted challenge) of reviewing books on a regular basis for a romance review site.

Went to two weddings of good friends that were utterly fantastic.

Started sending both my girls to school.

Spent a lot of time at home, with family, soaking up time with my girls.

Resumed teaching classes at local stores.

Got a Keurig coffee maker

ok, that last thing maybe shouldn’t make my list… except it so does. The nearly instant fix I can now get in the morning blows my mind and makes me SO happy when I’m rushed.

2011 didn’t seem like a memorable year until I started looking back. Thinking about challenges our family faced and triumphs that we found.

I’ll be sharing some specific crafty highlights over the next week or two. In the mean time,

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “in 2011…”

  1. Happy New Year May! Looking forward to all the craftiness that you will bring in 2012 🙂 Will be signing up for your new class, it looks awesome! Too funny about your Keurig-we have one in our classroom and love it equally 🙂 Blessings.

  2. I had to giggle about the Keurig. I’m not a coffee girl, but Darren is ADDICTED to his! It died last month, and we had to get a replacement ASAP. It’s totally worthy of making your list!

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