23 | December Daily format

It’s crunch time.

That time when everything is coming together and yet still SO MUCH TO DO. That time when stress is high, and everything can be drama. It’s a few days until Christmas.

So ask me how December Daily is going, and I’ll tell you! I’ve written about 8 pages. I have plans to write a lot more, and all of them will look like this:

I open a word document, set the top margin for 4 1/2″, then type my title, a quote if there is one (from one of the girls, etc), then type my story. Print onto cardstock, stick in the binder.

You see, by making the top margin 4 1/2″ I know I can easily put any 4″ high photo up there, at any time. I can add decor such as ribbons or tapes, embellishments at the bottom if there’s space…

and more importantly: I can do it next week. AFTER the baking and the parties. AFTER the hoopla.

But the stories are getting told, remembered, and saved NOW.

Better yet? Takes as few as 5-10minutes to jot one down and print it off. I’m faster typing and there are no worries about spelling errors.

Still fun: customizing the embellishing will add fun to this project, but the simplification of telling detailed stories in the now takes the pressure off.

Game on.

now excuse me while I go run around my house and do as much as I can tonight so tomorrow may potentially be more serene…

3 thoughts on “23 | December Daily format”

  1. Love your take on the holidays as I, too, am running around to cram everything in. Here’s to us ( should have had a glass in our hands but…..(CLINK).

  2. Thanks so much for this tip as Ive got only basics in word, Yep basicer than set the top margins,lol. but absolutely brilliant way to sort Dec Daily out & pront it out when the rush & stuff is over & its all there ready to add pics & embellys, so cool.

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