Yes, I went all caps on my title. I pitched this class back in April/May, talked to Stacy about it in June, and have been working on it since then. Will be working on it still through the time it starts. What is it?

The info is here: 

I will be posting more about it, and I’m happy to answer questions about content, class, etc…

One of the best parts? Big Picture let me give everyone a break off the usual $99 price a class of this size would be. That’s right – no code needed it’s just $89 for 12 weeks, more than 50 videos, more than a dozen handouts, more than 40 new projects (that’s my CONSERVATIVE figures! it’ll be even more!!) and of course all the hands-on instruction you’re used to from me and my classes.

I’d love you to check it out, let me know what you think, and let me know what kind of “insider peeks” you’d like to see me post here! I’m *SO* excited to finally be sharing about this class, and that registration is also open now!!


9 thoughts on “FIELD GUIDE”

  1. I am SO excited for this, and will definitely be signing up!! It looks absolutely fabulous, and knowing what a great teacher you are, I KNOW I will not be disappointed!!

  2. May, this sounds like an amazing class. You have put together a wonderful body of work that if I understand correctly, builds on itself. I am certain that you have been working very hard to gather it all together for us, and I know it is going to be informative, fun and spectacular. It has moved to the top of the list of classes that I want to take.

  3. It’s progressive, that’s for sure. Things you see in week 1 will return, but with “more”, twists, other products, etc…

    So in week #1 I’m not showing an intense mixed media piece – that would be seen towards the END of class, when you’ve had info/time to build and the steps I’m doing/techniques I’m using aren’t all new, but rather a mix.

    Yes, that’s how I’d describe it. There is a distinct product focus each week, but it’s layered in such a way that the things you use early on will become building blocks for later in class…

    **AND** I made a video for just about every product I could think of from alcohol inks to glitter to stencils and lots of other stuff. 100% of the class materials are NEW. The only “old” stuff you will see is when in a video presentation I want to show additional examples and show former layouts in that way.

  4. The class sounds awesome, May! Can I ask what the (approx) proportion of scrapbook vs. other craft (cards, decorations, etc.) focus the class is?

  5. Absolutely!

    Each week there will be a layout shown + broken down in the main handout. Most weeks? More than one, but I do always promise at least one is featured. So far class has 3-5 NEW projects each week… but that number seems to be creeping up as I go along. Just too many ideas to share!!

    For example:
    week #1 there is a tag and 2 layouts.
    Week #3 I just finished: 2 layouts, a mini book, and a tiny canvas

    The important difference in my class is that any technique I show (and techniques are very much my focus) CAN be used on layouts. So a layout-only crafter will have inspiration and ideas – likewise the card or small paper craft project maker does not have to use my layout ideas on a “page”. They can run off the page. Or, you can combine!!

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