day 13 | the projects don’t all work.

I have not been happy with my attempts at banners. They simply aren’t working in the way I envision them, and for now I am tossing the project aside. Perhaps I’ll re-visit at Valentine’s Day time or Easter.

Know what? that’s alright. Because mistakes, projects gone bad, and hideously ugly creations are a part of my process.

Above is a die cut snow globe gone wild (in the worst sense). Oh yeah. Using photo paper because I’m too lazy to figure out where I have white cardstock… well… sometimes things do NOT work as substitutions. SO noted that my rock candy crackle paint doesn’t like to play with that particular paper. It’s like a nasty sunburn or something… so gross…

Y’all know that you have to be careful when stamping with distress inks and you don’t let it dry/set and instead in your big hurry apply rock candy distress crackle paint right away. You know it’s gonna bleed out until you can’t see the image, right?


These are just three of today’s examples of crafting gone bad. That’s alright. It’s cool baby. I have had a few “HEY! mine didn’t turn out like so-and-so’s” moments too – in which I realize I didn’t follow directions.

Sometimes that leads to AWESOME things…

Like my first tag inspired by Tim’s 12 Tags of Christmas. I got all mixed up, ended up adding steps that aren’t there… and it WORKED. I LOVE IT. I will be sharing a full how-to this weekend because I have two other posts that are going up (also GOOD things) before it!

Just remember – the goofs can lead to good things – so enjoy the process…

5 thoughts on “day 13 | the projects don’t all work.”

  1. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this series on your blog. I’m looking forward to next week’s BPS class! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. I always save my boo-boos. You never know when it (or part of it) will come in handy for another project. It’s part of the Journey!

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