day 8 | thoughts on giftwrap…

Crazy crowds and lack of sleep isn’t my idea of a good shopping time, so you won’t find me out in the crush of Black Friday madness, but here cozy at home instead.

It’s a good day indeed! All of the “to be mailed” packages and most of my holiday cards were mailed out on schedule. Hooray! Mailing everything this week is one of my traditions and I am happy to have gotten back on-track with it this year. I spent a lot of time in the last week gift wrapping – I’ll be taking a break from it for a while before starting on to be delivered and/or put under my own tree packages. Today though, I thought I’d share a few.

I really like the layered look with wide ribbon or paper wrapping box. I also really liked small manila tags too. Here’s a video with a birds eye view of me wrapping 4 assorted packages…


Two things to note:

* I do not think every package turns into a masterpiece. Some come out better than others, I just remind myself that every/anything I do above plopping a bow on is above and beyond and extra fun. IT IS OK if some aren’t awesome. It’s the thought and what is inside that counts.

* I like trying out ideas and new things, and taking risks. Because it’s giftwrap and likely to be crumpled in a ball, it’s ok! Love the freedom to just play.

I hope your day is off to a great start. It’s tree time over here…

5 thoughts on “day 8 | thoughts on giftwrap…”

  1. Thanks for the great video. I, too, love wrapping presents. This is inspiring to me to add some things in from my scrapbook room. Have a great day at home!

  2. Like how you used Tim’s rosette 🙂 I gave up paper wrap for the most part quite a few years ago and have taken to creative cloth wrapping. For gifts I’m giving away, I use Christmas kitchen towels or pillowcases and for ones at home I bought a bunch of fabric after Christmas one year and just reuse that each year. The kids and I have a great time making all of the tags tho 🙂

  3. These are all so pretty. I really love the tulle – so simple yet so effective. And I’m in love with that Tim Holtz rosette die. And I think I need a hot glue gun!!

  4. My Martha Stewart star picks just came in yesterday…perfect timing for this video 🙂 Love it…”nothing is sacred this time of year”! so true, so true. Off to become the crafting goddess that I am!

  5. Love the tulle and doilly ideas :). Will share these ideas with my teenage daughter – I’m sure she’ll love them too.

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