[Happy Thanksgiving]

Today will be filled with baking, gym time, and somewhere we’ll fit in a trip to the theater to see the new Muppets movie that releases today.

The girls have a Thanksgiving vacation ‘calendar’ of sorts that we have scheduled in fun things on so they know when it’s happening, and how much of a break they have left. Today is the 1/2 way mark – it’s going by so fast! We’ll be getting the tree and decorating the house (and heading back to school) in the blink of an eye…

I will be back on Friday to post another installment of the holiday crafting series – until then I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving (or just a happy wed/thurs. if you’re not in USA!)

8 thoughts on “[Happy Thanksgiving]”

  1. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving May! Enjoy your family, and your crafting time. I will be doing some of the same! While we are being thankful-I am thankful for you and the inspiration that you have brought into my life. I still practice 15 min. of craftiness each day-truly making me a well-rounded person 🙂 Blessings to you.

  2. Isn’t break flying by fast?! Can’t believe we’re half-way through the week already. Lots of cooking, baking, legos, crafts, and christmas unpacking will be happening here. Have a great Thanksgiving and rest of week!

  3. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family, May. I count you and all the inspiration you have given me as one of my many blessings. Enjoy!

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