Vacation scrapbook week | size matters

Single page vs double page? Mini book vs a few layouts vs a whole album?

How is a scrapbooker to decide?

My answer is simple: envision your final project. What format is going to work best for you?

>  If you have less than 50 photos, and want a dedicated album a mini book might be the way to go.

> For a short trip with just a few stories/photos for the scrapbook perhaps just a few layouts in your regular album

> Do you not scrapbook often? Or just an exclusive event/vacation scrapbooker?  Then a mini book or other dedicated album would be my choice.

If you decide to scrapbook full layouts, how to decide single vs double page?

The number of photos to be included will have to be a factor, as will the length of story. Also any embellishing ideas or ephemera you wish to include should be considered. Aside from single or double page, you can also consider including a divided page protector with just photos included in the album.

Figuring out your format, as well as your game plan for your trip as a whole and each story/set of photos in particular will set you free. I have found over the years that having a plan, knowing my end game truly makes things easier to navigate as I figure out specific stories to tell.


I have been swamped with craziness today – so my new Disney World layout is not yet done to share. Soon though. If you have specific questions about Vacation scrapbooking in particular please DO leave me comments here – I will do a FAQ type post at the end of the week. In the meantime – I wanted to take this chance to link up to a few past posts that share layouts + how-to with travel/vacation pages:

Disney Princess layout:

LOT of really old vacation layouts: 

disney LO w/ephemera: 

I also wanted to mention that if you’re looking for some examples of how-to incorporate memorabilia into your travel layouts, you can check out my “Vacation Memorabilia” Project-Now class at Big Picture.

Finally – don’t forget that Melissa is posting vacation AWESOMENESS all week as well! Check her out:

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  1. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed your process for the Princesses page. I truly learned from it.

  2. Thanks for those links May. I’ll have to check out your Projects Now class! And thanks for linking up to Melissa’s blog as well

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