2011 search for a new sweatshirt

I just want a hooded sweatshirt that is NOT a zip-up, that is thick and cozy and has pockets, and that will allow me to take off my BEST THING I EVER PURCHASED FOR $20 Army sweatshirt off longer than just to wash it this winter.


it’s actually hard to find!!  I will find one I like that is cuter than my Army one… I hope… here’s some of the better findings I’ve seen so far…

Life is Good

Life is Good  <not a sweatshirt. just adorable>

Disney Store <arg, darn that zipper!>

wait… but maybe this is perfection for me?

Disney Store 

Any good ideas on sweatshirt finding? Places to search?

10 thoughts on “2011 search for a new sweatshirt”

  1. The last one is hilarious-I would have to have it.In face I like ti so much I’d buy it too big take out the zipper and seam up the front.

  2. Customizedgirl.com has some cute scrappy shirts. I got a hoodie that reads ‘Holy Scrap.’ And you can select the color, font and font size. Very cool site. I don’t have anything to do with it, just a customer.

    Love the Mickey hoodie. No one would mess with that Mickey.

  3. Oh $20 is definitely not my budget – just funny that my CHEAP sweatshirt = the best. 🙂

    That’s cute… but neither style is what I’m after darn it. Search continues…

  4. Sounds like a trip to DisneyLand (or World 🙂 is in order 🙂 The best hooded sweatshirt we ever got was from DisneyLand 🙂 Good luck!

  5. I saw tons at WDW … but I think most of them had zippers. I’m regretting not getting one actually

  6. Check out Lands’ End, LL Bean and Dicks Sporting Goods. Those are my go to places for casual clothes. Good Luck.

  7. May, have you tried CafePress? They have all sorts of different styles to choose from. I 4even got 7 canvas bags there one time – each a different kitty.

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