3 good things | 9.30

I can HIGHLY recommend the book What’s your number? (previously published as 20 times a lady) It’s cotton candy light and fluffy, and heroine is a bit of an idiot… but it was hilarious and I found myself snickering all the way through. A very awkwardly funny story. Not in a book mood? Watch the movie! It came out today (no idea if it’s good) – and while trailer looks different from book, who knows. Might be cute.


Want a good healthy snack? Honeycrisp apples are back!!! hooray!! Found these beauties today….


Feeling like something less healthy? My other favorite fall treat has been spotted too??? Check it out!


I’m so loving fall!!

4 thoughts on “3 good things | 9.30”

  1. HoneyCrisp is big here too. But it has limited distribution. Well, we have to have something to eat..no cantalope, no lettuce. Going outside now to plant my bulbs. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love the food and colors of autumn, but we have had gloomy rain all week and now a frost warning for tonight.

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