please, do excuse me.

Please excuse me as I type out my thoughts and generally give myself some blog-therapy…

I was having a great conversation with a friend about how our very best pages are those that we don’t over-think, analyze, and generally KILL with too much brain activity. This is for some reason very true. However the opposite is true when it comes to my classes. Brainstorming and thought and considering all options is a GOOD thing in my classes.

I share this because I’m currently spending a lot of time + energy on my True Scrap class (link) all about stitching, penwork, and other ways to add oomph and cool to your pages without a lot of cost. SO FUN! I do love the projects and how they’re turning out – so awesome. The problem is this: I keep having more ideas. Thinking of ways my class could be better. Thinking up ideas to add in.

In other words, I’m over-doing it just a touch.

So what’s a girl to do?! For now, I need to stop tearing up my video (seriously. I can’t keep re-doing it all!!!!) and take a deep breath. I need to write down my notes for what I want, and make sure I include those best parts in my class. I need to not worry about what other people might do or if I’m doing enough.

It’s time to let the funk flow, and just be me.

So excuse me, if you need me I’ll be back in the studio rocking out the three… err.. 5… heck maybe a full half dozen projects for this class. AND??? I’m giving students a PDF file with images + notes as well.

[and yes, above those are peeks of one of the projects!!]

Because I’ve got to turn all my ideas + projects into a finished class asap! I’ve got a crop to plan (Scrapbook Island San Jose 10/2) and some class samples to make (Elk Grove – Stamper’s Corner in November!!) ASAP. Oh! and my BPC class starts next week so….


If you see me and I look wild eyedย and twitchy you now know why. I’m over thinking and that slows productivity down! Need to focus one task at a time and chillax….

wish me luck.

12 thoughts on “please, do excuse me.”

  1. I’m also a classic “over-thinker”…and scrap VERY slowly. Just seems to be part of my process. I’m sure you will move forward at the right pace and design some amazing projects for us!

  2. May, honestly you do need to chill or it all could end up a mess in your creative brain. I am certain you can make it all amazing. If you think of something to add to the class for True Scrap after the video, just save the idea for another class. True Scrap does look amazing.

    I am getting together photos and having some more printed in preparation for Double Take. I am in a bad state of scrapping mind as I have developed this feeling of inferiority to other scrappers at BPC. I know very well that it is not about who is the best and brightest. I know scrapping is about sharing memories that I what to tell so others will not forget. I guess I am just in a funk and need just the right pop of inspiration to leap forward.

    Feel blessed that you are busy doing what you love.

  3. I know some people thrive on deadlines and such, but I can’t scrap effectively if there is too much time pressure. I have to let stuff sit and mull before I commit. I like to do and redo.

    Good luck with your process! I’m sure all your doing and redoing will result in fabulous products. I’m also sure it’s part of why you are such a popular teacher.

  4. Just had to leave a comment, as your entry made me laugh! Sounds so like me. I overthink all my pages and after they’re done an I show people, I tend to realize the only one that cares about all the little details is me. I find such joy and fun in reading your blog and taking your classes that I hope you realize that whatever you come up with,we will love and be glad to be able to participate and have fun together. After all that’s what it’s really all about. Sharing our stories with others and enjoying the process. So thanks once again and everything will turn out awsum!!!! Can’t wait for class next week!

  5. luck!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t do the True Scrap class, but hope to take some bp classes in the future. all of it looks wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. good luck! and i’m sure your class will be magnificent no matter what you do or dont put in!!

  7. lots of luck headed your way ๐Ÿ™‚

    With just what I have seen on your blog in the last few weeks, I can’t imagine you having to pare down all your creativity into one little class!

  8. I know whatever you do will be fantastic … and maybe you can keep some ideas to pitch to BPC for your next class there?!

  9. It will all be fine. You are a very creative teacher. . .have always loved all your ‘little’ details. Wish I lived in your area for a real live class/crop.

  10. Loving the sneak peeks! Keep taking the deep breaths! Go for a walk amongst the leaves (maybe they’re not falling quite yet (or ever) where you live…but we have autumn in the air here and it’s wonderful!

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