Ella give-away + guest post!

I’ve been a busy girl y’all. NOT that this is news to anyone who knows me. I swear, the brain? she flies faster than my fingers/legs/arms/body in general can move. So much inspiration, so many ideas, and so EXCITED by the response my blog readers (aka lovliest people in the world) have been having to my projects + tutorials!! It inspires me to keep them coming, that’s for sure!

Ok so guess what? I have 2 things [GIVE AWAYS] for your attention on this fine day. First: you can hop over to the Ella blog where I’m guesting and sharing one of my favorite + simple hybrid techniques. LOVE this.

Here’s a link: http://www.ellapublishing.com/blog/may-flaum/get-digi-microsoft-word-giveaway 

If you leave a comment over there guess what? You’re entered to win a spot in my class at Big Picture next month! That’s right, you could win a spot in double take with Nic Howard & me!!

Oh but it gets better!

If you leave a comment right here you could be one of THREE winners of a new Ella e-book!!

Yep, I will be picking three commenters to win, and you can choose from the childhood, holidays, and everyday life digi plus versions of this fabulous e-book. Want a chance to win? Just leave a comment here by Tuesday (30th) and I will draw the winners!

50 thoughts on “Ella give-away + guest post!”

  1. You are indeed a very busy woman. Thanks for all of the inspiration and for another opp at a cool giveaway!

  2. Glad you like to blog because I like to read your post. thanks for the inspiration and chance. Julie

  3. May, you make the most fabulous things, I am so thrilled that thanks to TH I found your blog and have enjoyed it ever since! The digi books look like fun, its great to have something to prompt my journalling.

  4. Your card is fantastic. Thanks for the link to the images, they’re gorgeous! As always I love reading your blog.

  5. Looks great! Thanks for all the inspiration and for such great giveaways! I can only imagine how great the everyday life book would be

  6. Oh my! The everyday life book would be absolutely fab!
    Just love the card. Maryke (Cape Town)

  7. More inspiration, might give that hybrid technique a go! Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  8. I have also been liking the videos to see your creative process. So much fun ! Hope your CW booksales have been amazing ; )

  9. Your new book came yesterday from Amazon. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win one of these cool prizes.

  10. Oooohhh that looks like something I want to try! (waves hand). Anyone of the books would be great. Thank you for the chance to win one. 🙂

  11. Those Ella journaling List Its look so cool. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I love your post over at Ella May! thanks for the chance to win one of the List-It books – they are the only Ella books I don’t yet have!

  13. Thank you for the hybrid project. I often pass by digital because I like my glue and scissors. Keep forgetting about hybrid possibilities.

  14. Love your blogs and learn so much from your videos. Can’t wait to start Double Take with you and Nic. Thanks.

  15. Would love to win a spot in your class. I have taken a couple of your classes and really loved them.

  16. I haven’t tried anything digi yet! I am going to follow your instructions over at Ella later today and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. I was just listening to the Masterful Scrapbook Design that you were on. I am always inspired with your enthusiasm and output

  18. Thanks for the chance! I love it when you are busy because the inspiration just rolls out!

  19. Oh wow I love your card!!! Keep on being busy, because the work you do is so great and I always leave your blog inspired!!Thanks for the chance!

  20. Yes, I am loving your tutorials and projects!!! Thanks for taking the time to upload! They are very inspirational! i just purchased my first Ella ebook and although I still need to investigate more, it looks pretty, full of information and fun!

  21. This is beautiful card! I’m a big fan of Rhonna’s work! I love how you’ve used it! And thank you so much for the chance to win one of these ebooks! I’m so excited for your new class!

  22. Hi May! Loving your tutorials! Its crazy how you seem to be everywhere! But I really love this hybrid idea the best! So easy!

  23. Thanks for this great tutorial. I didn’t know I could do all this in Word. I made a page and used a png image and added text and sent it all to my sister with the link to your tutorial. Thanks again for sharing this.

  24. I’m so excited for double take to start! You always have such generous giveaways. I would love to win one of the Ella books.

  25. The books of journaling lists are just what I need to get more journaling on my pages. Thanks for the digi tutorial, going to give it a try.

  26. May, thanks for the chance to win. I am so in love with your video tutorials! Thanks for sharing your techniques and your ideas.

  27. Oh my you have been busy – love the idea of the journally prompts – thanks for bringing this to my attention – going to check it out now

  28. I would welcome anything which would make my journaling better. Ella always has great ideas! Thank you for the chance to win.

  29. I am getting in just under the wire! Thanks for the chance to win great Ella stuff or a BPC class. You continually spoil us.

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