7.19 book suggestion

Summer is flying! I’ve not been reading much (no big shocker there- CHA is upon us and I’ve been BUSY!). I am *SUPER* excited to see one of my favorite books available in e-book format and for just 2.99:

KARMA GIRL (link is to amazon, but it’s available on other sites too!)

Jennifer Estep is a favorite of mine anyhow – and I *LOVE* this book. The heroine is a reporter determined to expose all super heroes everywhere (thanks to a cheating fiance of hers) and she ends up getting in the middle of an epic battle and falling for a super hero too. *sigh* It’s funny and pretty light, and a book I’ve re-read several times. If something like that sounds good to you – give it a try!

I have a *LOT* on my “to-read” plate now – what are you reading and loving?

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  1. Every once in a while I still read a “young adult” book. I just finished the last book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, Sisterhood Everlasting, which featured the teens of the first books as adults. I thought I wasn’t going to like it — the characters had not changed for the better — but ended up feeling like it was a good end to the series.

  2. Thanks, that sounds great May! A friend of mine told me about “A friend like Henry” which is a true story of a boy with asperger’s and his relationship with his golden retriever … and given that we just got a golden retriever puppy I think I might have to read it!

  3. Just finished Breaking Dawn—wanted to get it read before the movie came out.

    Starting George W Bush’s Decision Points today.

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