a year of episodes later…

I’ve gotten numerous emails asking me when I’d be back on the PRT podcast, telling me I just HAD to do it again. Thing is? Uh… you have to be INVITED to do the podcast! It’s not that I don’t want to go back – it’s just that I can’t just hop right on because I feel like it… I needed an invite!!

I did the math, and it’s been 52 episodes since I last appeared on Paperclipping Roundtable. I don’t *think* it’s personal (actually, I’m sure it’s not) – that’s just how it worked out between scheduling and topics of conversation. 

But good news! I was asked to come back on this week. Here’s a link to the show:


Feel free to comment and tell them to invite me back more. *wink*

We are talking trends & hot products coming from CHA… and next week I hope to start posting some picks, favorites, and more! Not to mention prizes & projects…

Have a great Friday.

7 thoughts on “a year of episodes later…”

  1. I loved hearing you there!!! I listened yesterday. I have to say – I LOVE the Sassafrass alpha stickers too, and the wood grain is my fave!!! I love many alphas, but these are definitely at the top of my list. I am so excited about the things I’m seeing coming out for CHA! I soooo wish I could go! I’m working on a blog post to show all my favorite things that are coming out – ummm…. it’s going to be a HUGE post!! lol

  2. I love PRT- especially when you are on it. Can’t wait to listen today when I get a minute to myself!

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