FORGET Jersey Shore. I’m over it – thank goodness – and my filthy reality TV show habit has come to an end. Phew. I feel better + more clean now. I’m not going to even look at season 4 – nope. But I have a brand new summer love…

J talked me into giving this show a try…  and all I can say is that it’s beyond funny. In a twisted, man sees a dog as a man dressed in a dog suit but he’s really a dog kind of way.

It’s level of awesomeness might just be too much for some. Or too weird. I know there are “funny” things out there I don’t get, but this one? Gracious. I’ll be glued to this – 

You can watch the show on-line or on FX. I’m such a fan – and so far I know very few people who even know about the show so I am doing my best to spread the word. I loves it big time. Let’s just say I watched this VS playing with a new box of not-yet-in-stores scrapbook product OR reading an advance copy of a favorite author’s book tonight. yeah, it’s that good to me…

5 thoughts on “watching.”

  1. I’ll have to check it out – I love Elijah Wood anyway, and I love “quirky” so it sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation! We are anxiously awaiting the release of Dexter Season 5 so we can watch it before Season 6 starts. Now go play with that new product! Need to see what you do with it… 🙂

  2. I’ve been wanting to watch this-now I have to! I’m always up for some laughs.

  3. I will have to add this to my hulu list. I have been watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix while sewing this week! I am totally into it! You might want to check it out 😉

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