kits are up!

This was the weather today. The view as I was standing over my layouts trying to get enough light to photograph them. WHAT?! It’s nearly July… this is unheard of here. Oh well.

Well, it kept me inside and I’ve been cleaning up and putting stuff away like crazy. Also updating the ‘ol shop…

The extra kits I have from last weekend’s classes are up on etsy –

I have a few of the hodge podge mini + kraft class. Awesome deals… and there are still a few goodies up from spring classes…

as always – if you questions, want to buy something without going through etsy, etc… just drop me a line at mflaum @ comcast . net

happy krafting

3 thoughts on “kits are up!”

  1. Oh, how beautiful!! The view, and the kits! 🙂 You’ve got to stop making these awesome class kits!! You make me want to buy, buy, buy, and my wallet says, no, no, no!! Hoping there might be something left when my wallet feels a little fatter. 🙂 I have to say, your class kits are better than any kit club kit I’ve gotten so far (and that’s saying a LOT!!!) ♥

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