last week…

I wasn’t here. Oh I scheduled blog posts – but I wasn’t actually at home! Reno Rodeo, eating at great restaurants including 2 that had been featured on one of our favorite shows (Diners, Drive ins, and Dives), a wedding, a great day of teaching classes at Scrapbook Island… yeah… I’ve been GONE! It’s good to be home.

It’s also good to be editing and checking out my week in photos. I used my iphone¬†a lot, and it’s definitely time to order some prints¬†too!!! Right now I’m deciding if we do some in-depth coverage of vacation wild week a la flaum here on the blog, or just detail it through my scrapbook layouts.

For the moment I’ll bask in the glory of being AT HOME, and then take a peek at that scary to-do list I left behind…

2 thoughts on “last week…”

  1. The photos tell the wonderful story. You and your family had a great vacation week. Your photos are awesome!

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