a (mostly) lite summer.

last month I was on a (mostly) naughty diet. Ah but ‘the month of May’ is over, and so is my sloppy eating. I’m a simple girl – a get your ass in gear and exercise (no excuses, no whining), and try to eat less so that you’re burning fat off the ‘ol fanny pack of fat.

This week I discovered my new FAVORITE good girl lunch. It lets me have the bread and cheese I ADORE – but in quantities so small that it doesn’t blow up my whole day. You see, I love a good hot turkey sandwich. I’m an artist – trust me when I say mine are the BEST. grilled onions, melted cheese, mustard grilled into bread, oh… they’re amazing. Problem? I like them on rolls, which run 300+ calories each at minimum (and that’s before toppings!) and I do NOT like low calorie diet bread. I do not want to compromise. I want it all, or nothing.

So here it is:

It’s so simple, so obvious I can’t believe I’m only now thinking of it. I take a THIN slice of sour/french baguette and top it with a bit of turkey, little piece of cheese, and slide under broiler until melty and good. Then I take it out and add onion (grilled is best!), avocado, tomato, lettuce, pickle… whatever else I like and have on hand. If you are a mustard fan I suggest rubbing a small amount directly onto bread before piling toppings on.

I can have 4-6 of these and come out at less than HALF the calories of my beloved sandwich – and yet all the elements are there, I’m getting loads of lean meat + veggies, and my brain is so totally satisfied.

My girls really like these too – they call them tiny party sandwiches. I realize that topping bread with stuff is hardly ground breaking, I just had never considered it as a lunch option that is pretty healthy too.

Happy (healthy) eating…

6 thoughts on “a (mostly) lite summer.”

  1. May, this looks over the top good. I need a change in my lunch routine and a shake up in how I have been dieting. After losing 50 pounds, I have hit a plateau and do not want to see that scale go in the wrong direction. I must say that is a pretty awesome food photo. I need to check out some tips on photographing food. What advice can you offer? Thanks.

  2. Just like craft or any other still life- Look at food photos that appeal to you. What is it that you like?

    Colorful plates, distracting colors/backgrounds, etc. can be BAD depending on what you are taking a picture of. Just make sure your camera is in focus, and really “see” what you’re getting in your lens.

    Play with angles and do what suits you. I find super close ups best for me as I want to show food

  3. That sandwich looks super yummy. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to forego delicious food just because I’m trying to lose weight. Now if I can figure out how to lighten up the Oreo cupcakes you posted about last month. Those were delicious!

  4. Don’t!! Seriously- one of my personal rules is that great food is worth it. You could make them mini, small batch, just have one… But don’t try and lighten them. 🙂

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