3 cool things to kick off the week…

1. I’m making room for new classes, and so I just uploaded some super VALUE kits (Seriously GREAT deals all under $30) – it’s class extra supplies and they’re up in my etsy shop as well as a few more altered book class kits.  Supplies limited!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/mayflaumdesigns


2. Working hard on my kits & class projects for this month’s day ‘o classes at Scrapbook Island in San Jose, Ca. I’m SO excited to see some familiar faces + meet new people too. I’ve heard so much great stuff about Laurie and her store, can’t wait to check it out. And yes, I’ll be taking photos! If you can’t make it to class and you want me to send you any of the kits just let me know – if you do so BEFORE the day of class (Sunday 26th) I’ll ship it free.


3. I’ve got a new article up at Scrapbook Update – all about American Crafts POW! glitter papers. Link: http://www.scrapbookupdate.com/2011/06/13/review-american-crafts-pow-glitter-paper


Before I head off to work for the day, let me also add that this week is gonna be FABULOUS. The sun is out, I hear there are prizes, projects, and more on the way, and it just feels like a great start to a new week…

6 thoughts on “3 cool things to kick off the week…”

  1. Hey May –
    Are you still doig a Kraft Paper Class at BPS? and if so when? Thanks…I have been keeping an eye out for it!!

  2. No- that proposal wasnt picked up. But I have class kits + video(s) + pdf file class companion!


  3. If you want to pre-order one, you just let me know. Otherwise yes the new class kits (if any are available) WILL be posted after class the week of June 27. They come with handout + video, and once ordered and paid for I email the links/materials to you for that as well as mailing actual kit.


  4. Have fun at Scrapbook Island! That’s one of my favorite stores and when I make it back home I always stop in to see what they’ve got. Great staff and always a ton of fun things to see. Wish I was going to be back home when you’re there!

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