crepe paper + kraft wrap

I’m obsessed with using brown bags to wrap stuff right now. Mostly? Because I’m trying NOT to buy new wrapping paper. And yes, the wrapping paper I do have seems to be inappropriate every time I have an occasion to wrap something!!

I’m experimenting more with gift wrap lately, you see I want to MASTER the art of giftwrap. I’m more of a “sometimes it sucks, sometimes it rocks” girl right now. Today I played with crepe paper on a shopping bag to wrap a gift…

I also punched stars from patterned paper and scattered them to add more color & fun… but the part I am VERY happy with ont his project was for sure the crepe paper. I’ll be doing this technique a LOT in future. Just stick some in the sewing machine:

I used a big straight stitch and then keep feeding it so that it’s ruffled/bunched. I got in a nice feeding-the-machine groove and it went super fast. I *LOVE* how this looks, and I’ll be doing it again ASAP.

I used crafty power tape by Scrapbook Adhesives – it’s a great super strong double sided tape that worked to hold this in place.

I think this could be REALLY cool done at the top of a gift bag (where you stitch the crepe paper directly to bag) – and I’ll be trying that and sharing for sure!

Who knew that my scrapbook stash + party supplies could = gift wrap?!

5 thoughts on “crepe paper + kraft wrap”

  1. OMG!! I love this!! What a fabulous idea! I’d never thought of running streamers through the sewing machine – I can’t wait to try it! What a pretty embellishment on a page too!! Thank you!!!

  2. This is truly pretty, and I was quite excited about it until I saw that I would have to ruffle it myself. I just do not get excited about dragging out the sewing machine. I believe I need to make a home for it in my scrap room where it will always be ready and waiting for me. Not only would it be there ready for scrappy embellishing, but also dh’s pants pockets would get mended.

  3. I so love this, and your wrapping job is fabulous!

    If you want to skip pushing the crepe paper into ruffles by hand, you can get a gathering foot for your machine (usually about $10) that will ruffle it for you as you feed. I have one for mine and it makes it so much easier!

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