3 things:

#1: GREAT scrapbook day. Super awesome good time at Stampers Corner – I’ll be back 2-3x this year for sure.¬†Teaching my altered book class July 30, then again in the fall.. LOVE!! Great people, staff, crafters. So cool. Even got to hang with my girl Karen (one of the sweetest most awesome crafters!)¬† and that was fantastic. In fact… I made a video of my pics that I took. SADLY I didn’t take many during classes because we were ROCKING OUT THE CRAFTING!! But there’s enough that you can kind of see what was up all day… (if you want)


behind the scenes note: I could NOT fall in love with a song for this video. So after an hour of debating & making my own eyes cross (and Jason’s “it’s about crafters? better go with friends in low places” crack) I went with the black eyed peas. mute it if you want.

#2: kits & bits…

I put class kits + some “bits” up in my etsy shop today.


If you’ve got questions or anything – just drop me an email. I’d be happy to hear from you.

#3: let there be cake.

“mudders” day (what it sounds like when E says mother’s) was a nice one. No big demands from me (that’s so not how I roll), no stress. just chillin’ with my homies.

Have a happy week y’all.

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  1. Great choice on music! What an amazing looking shop! And how cool that you got to hang with Karen … I “know” her from many BPC classes!!

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