May 4 check in!

Happy May 4!! Ive just got a few behind the scenes peeks for you today!


National scrapbook day is almost here!! I am super excited to be spending it at Stampers Corner in Elk Grove, ca. There are just a few spots left- so if you want to come i’d suggest calling the store ASAP!


I’ve been working on packing up kits, sweet treats, and making a few extra sample projects too. After all- national scrapbook day is special indeed!!

What do you have planned? Be sure to check in here – as I’ve got projects + treats to share…

And if you’re taking my on-line class we’ve got goodies there too!! There are still a few days left to join in the fun- check

4 thoughts on “May 4 check in!”

  1. I’m having a craft day at my house for National Scrapbook Day. Several friends and family will be coming over to scrapbook for the afternoon. I’m also being sneaky. My mom and I will be taking one of the kids aside and helping her make some cards and gifts for her mom for mother’s day, as her mom just had to file for divorce 2 weeks ago. I want my friend to have a nice mother’s day to cheer her up. So we’ll help her 9 yr old make that happen.

  2. Noelle, sounds like a wonderfully fun day. How very thoughtful and sweet of you to think ahead to help your friend’s daughter make it a special Mothers’ Day for her mom. Happy Mothers Day to you too,

  3. I have yet to tell my husband how I am spending NSD, but he will just have to deal with the fact that it is going to be my fun, but productive day in my scraproom. I shall be checking in at the Creative Crop at BPC, but also continue to organize my scraproom.

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