cleaning & kitting.

That pretty much sums up the last few days of my life! Kitting stuff up early because I want to be *SURE* I have everything I need for National Scrapbook Day (I’ll be at Stamper’s Corner in Elk Grove, CA teaching!), and cleaning because…

well there’s some outta control messiness!!

Of course I’ve also been sneaking in some crafty-ness… and some play time as week #2 of Spring Break rolls along. Yes – at E’s school spring break is 2 weeks long, and they have other breaks too, and a shorter summer. I *love* this. I think it’s great to have more little breaks vs that big 3 months of summer deal.

Speaking of summer, I’m also dreaming up my new classes (both on-line and in-person!!!) and having quite a good time at that.

But first! Back to the scary closet (as it’s known here)… the one with crime scene tape on it. I’ve been taping my progress and I’ll be sure to share once I find the back corner. So far my discoveries include:

  • my biking gloves that J has been asking “where are those” for 6+ months.
  • 7, no 8 FULL scotch tapes
  • some Fiskars┬ápunches (new in pkg!) I’ll have to give-away later this week
  • other give-away treasure you’re sure to love (again – stay tuned!)
  • Shelves for my class supplies/kits so my dining room is not also my storage annex!
  • 100000 doilies. honestly. I love them for crafting but this is embarrassing.
  • 5429 greeting cards

I’ll keep purging and cleaning… I’m close to the back wall I just know it! If I disappear, just throw a rope inside…

19 thoughts on “cleaning & kitting.”

  1. This is so funny, May! LOL and ROFLOL!!!

    I’m doing exactly the same thing — cleaning out closets where stuff if “stored???”. Isn’t it amazing what you discover when you are in “cleaning and searching” mode???

  2. Since I’m still home and unemployed, I find myself looking at my office closet and thinking I should really tackle that. One side holds Christmas decorations, so that’s pulled out and restacked annually. But the other side…there’s stuff I haven’t touched in YEARS. I’m complaining I have no room to store things in my condo. Imagine how much room I’d have if I got rid of things I haven’t touched in over 2 years.

    Not to mention the craft storage drawers I have in there that I never open. I think there’s some crafting supplies that need to leave my possesion. I used to make craft soaps. Haven’t in over 6 yrs. Can’t even buy the specific brand of supplies I liked anymore. Toss it!

  3. That’s a lot of kitting you’re doing there. Lol at some of your finds in the scary closet.

  4. May, just keep that awesome purple chair in mind. It is well worth cleaning the scary closet, not to mention what you are finding in there.

  5. I started to write this comment and saw that Barb T. had just said EXACTLY what I was thinking. Keep going…………Purple chair………… keep going…………purple chair…………purple chair……..

  6. I am loving that summer banner…we haven’t even had spring yet here in the Pacific Northwest! Enjoy your travels.

  7. What fun to find lost treasures – but 100000 doiles is a little excessive! :>) Of course, I’m not saying what’s in my closet!

  8. Oh, no, not the big scary closet! Ugh! I have a scary basement closet that I should tackle, so you might be inspiring me.

  9. Go ahead and tie the rope around your waist and attach it to the door handle just in case you get lost and can’t find the bread crumbs you left to get you back out – lol! This is what I plan to do in my scrapbook room that I need to clean!

  10. Congrats on getting so much done! Before you know that purple chair will be in your room!

  11. Was just scrolling and thought the title was “cleaning & knitting” Thought you started a new hobby. ha! But seriously, can you come to my house when you’re done?

  12. Over 5000 greeting cards? Are they hand made? If so, and you are willing to part with some of them – a bunch of us here in Reno make cards for Operation Write Home (dot org) where the cards go to the troops so they can send hand-made cards home to their loved ones. Unfortunately, one of the rules is NO GLITTER – because this can be a serious safety hazard to the troops in the ‘field’.

  13. I’m sure it’s not that many (just feels like it) but they are store bought Christmas, thank yous, invites… Oh just many dozens and dozens of cards.

    I do know of groups like yours- and in fact make batches and send them for troops! All my home-made cards that fit requirements go to troops, actually!

    Love hearing that someone else is into that as well- such a great way to give back and support.


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