Scarlet Lime canvas project

I’ve got some fun creative stuff up my sleeves – including some funky mixed media stuff – like this spring canvas…

It’s¬†featured over at the Scarlet Lime blog today, and you can see the entire project as well as two videos that show my process from background to finishing touches. I used all kinds of fun stuff from the Scarlet Lime shop and made a royal mess as well.

I’ve said it before – I don’t have video equipment. I have beyond basic abilities with my iphone and that is it… still I think it’s a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy!¬† The videos walk you through my whole process so it’s really like a mini-class! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment here.

6 thoughts on “Scarlet Lime canvas project”

  1. I so enjoyed watching your tutorial over on Scarlet Lime. I’ve accidentally found you and thank you for your inspiration to me, being new to all things mixed media. I’m loving the journey.

  2. The best project I ever made was a tribute to my brother in mixed media. I used many of the techniques you showed in your videos…Love to see a pro teaching us more creativity…thanx

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