I love crafters.

scrapbookers. quilters. mixed media artists. cardmakers. Whatever you want to be called – I just love people who get creative and make stuff.

Going to crafty events or teaching classes ALWAYS makes me inspired. I love seeing other people’s ideas, different ways of doing things, and just the downright POSITIVE energy that a room full of crafty people are bound to have.

Yesterday I taught at Scrapbook Territory and we had a blast! One of the ladies commented that she could tell I put a lot of effort into class being full of fun details. *THANK YOU!* I so try my very best.

I came armed with sweet treats, my notes, loads of product, and of course… a venti vanilla latte for extra pep in my step! I’m really fortunate to be teaching at some AWESOME stores this year – Scrapbook Territory is no exception. Huge store, loads of stuff (and dang near EVERY item that Tim Holtz makes!! not to mention LOADS of other cool stuff!)

Now I’m back home and ready to play and create new goodies! (and prep for my next round of classes!!) I have a few Bits & Pieces kits still available – you can get them directly from me (mflaum @ comcast.net) or through my etsy store. I’m going to be making sure I have a few kits from each class I do available to those who aren’t able to make it – so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “I love crafters.”

  1. i must have just missed you! i came for the crop that night! bummer i didn’t get to say hi 🙁 well, maybe next time.


  2. I need to come take one of your classes!!! Are you doing any non-layout classes soon?? 🙂

  3. What a really cool looking store. I wonder if there is a cool crafting place in heaven. I think it would be so much fun to teach crafting classes, truly doing what you love.
    I cannot even count how many times I have looked at your kit on Etsy, but with property taxes, income taxes, puppy to be neutered – well, you get the picture. Besides I do know you will have more awesome kits. Thanks for sharing what you do.

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