May update:

First off no, I don’t feel better. Still quite sick, and yes I’m quite over it mentally, though the bug is sticking with me.

But on to more fun stuff. Have you heard about May with May (aka ME)? It’s my new Big Picture Class, it runs May 1 – 31, and best of all, it’s only $19. It was really important to me to create something fun that was also budget friendly!

I will be sharing new projects, as well as some past favorite layouts, tips, products, and more. For the first time, there will be some videos (nothing fancy!) in class, and it should be a great way to make the most of my month!! The idea for class actually came from Stacy Julian, and I was totally digging the idea of daily inspiration & crafting all month long.

If you have questions feel free to ask them here, or email me at mflaum @ comcast . net – I’m happy to help. Otherwise, you can get more information and register here:

I am finishing up the final week of class now (well, once I’m feeling better that is!) and I am excited about all that is going into this class. Much like my last class (Creative Retreat) there won’t be mandatory assignments – so really no such thing as falling behind on this one. It’s also a one-time only class so you won’t see this material repeated.

Now from the adorable + great service files… gotta give shout out to

Love these dresses Belissima (above) and On the Job dress (below). they’re currently on my wish/maybe list…

Not just adorable dresses and such, but FANTASTIC service. Fast returns, and I recently had a dress I bought go on sale – they offered me the price difference in store credit when I asked. Cool.

As I’ve been confined to bed or couch for 10 days and counting now, I’ve read a few books. For whatever reason mostly my sick self wants to read historical romance. Got lucky and read some awesome ones – Courtney Milan’s Unveiled and Julie Anne Long’s What I Did for a Duke. I also recommend (from same genre) When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Eloisa James)  and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (Julia Quinn). Of course I enjoy a wide variety of fiction – and I have more to suggest that I’ll mention next time.

On the upside of being sick? I’m totally NOT into food. The mere thought of chocolate is repulsive. (thus further proof of how sick I am). Maybe my jeans will fit extra good next week when I go to South Carolina.

for now I’ll go back to being cozy with my grandma-made quilt and watch some Sponge Bob with the girls. (and rest, hydrate, and hope to feel better ASAP!)

9 thoughts on “May update:”

  1. May, I am so sorry that you are still not well. It has to be at the end by now, right?
    Sending you hugs and virtual chicken soup.

  2. May, I sure help you feel better soon. Take care and get plenty of couch and bed time.

  3. I’m glad you have managed to find the silver lining in being sick! Although chocolate being repulsive? Stay away – I really don’t want to catch your germs. 🙂

  4. Get well soon. I still have my bug. Since Feb. 11th! Grrrrr. A new twist this week. Laryngitis. At least the ear infection seems to be gone.

  5. HOpe you feel better! Can’t wait for May with May!! Just registered! Always love your classes!

  6. And of course you are going back to the doctor as promised…what’s the worst that could happen if you do?

  7. so sorry it’s taking you so long to lick this thing. . .hope you turn the corner soon

  8. Sending some get well wishes your way. Can’t wait for “May with May” – I know it’s your birthday month and it’s mine too so should be fun!

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