Bits & Pieces

I am loving how my first in-person class of 2011 is coming together. It’s called Bits & Pieces, and I’ll be teaching it at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, CA this Saturday.

In person classes are an entirely different process vs on-line. I love both, I think both are wonderful. They’re just different!

This class features two single-page layouts being made during class. BUT! Kits include supplies enough + image of 2-page layouts in case you’re wanting to create a complimentary page at home after class. This lets me teach lots of technique and fun (this class focuses on layering and bits & pieces of course!) + give students chance to make it their own once back home.

I should have some kits available to ship if you can’t make it to class. My plan is to include pdf file of the handout given in class + my handwritten class notes for students purchasing kits, and I have to work out shipping, if I’ll sell them here or through, etc.

In any case – I’m having a BLAST playing with so many lovely goodies and preparing for class…

6 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces”

  1. I love bits and pieces-and I need real help when it comes to layering,so this sounds perfect to me.I’ll definitely be needing a kit mailed to the swamp if you have any left!

  2. Would love a kit if you have some left after the real class! And I signed up for the May class at BPC. Loved the video and I imagined you would have reams of cardstock – is the rest in the closet-:)

  3. Oh, how lucky for all that live in Berkley. Sadly, I am in Chicago. Have a great time in your class.

  4. darn, i just missed this! i just found you through Big Picture Classes. i’m thinking of signing up for your class “may with may”. i hope to catch an in person class, too, since i am in the bay area (hoping you’ll be at scrapbook territory again soon!) 🙂 i am loving your blog and your style! i’m just starting out in scrapbooking and i’m excited! 🙂


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