Spring 2011 classes:

I’ve been hard at work over here – on a lot of projects! I will have a new on-line class opening for registration next month (it’ll start May 1!!) but I’ve got more too. Something that’s really exciting for me is gearing up for a spring filled with local events. I’m super excited to be offering a fresh crop of classes featuring my favorites from Girls’ Paperie, Glitz DesignsJenni Bowlin, Pink PaisleeStudio Calico, Tim Holtz, and Webster’s Pages products.  Most of the goodies are so new for my classes- I don’t yet have them. So do stay tuned for peeks and such in the coming weeks.

You will find two re-worked pages here at my blog (at top, just under header). The Creative Workshops page will have in-depth information about classes that I have scheduled, additional images (as available), and when kits are available for purchase I’ll list that information there (as well as note it here on the blog main page) as well. My Event Dates page is where you’ll find the details on where I’m teaching, when, and how to sign up.

 So what’s in my workshops this year? Well, a lot of scrapbook layouts. A lot of techniques and project-focused (vs general “idea”) classes, and also a few classes where they are a hybrid between class and crop. Some instruction, killer kits, and some free play time. You’re also going to see foof-a-la buttons pop up in class. These are now hard to find, and quite honestly just the best button mixes I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. I took my search on-line and gathered these for class kits. You’re also going to see more razzle dazzle and all the fun I can dream up.

Oh yes, I’m working on some super cute bags and even some mason jars as embellishment containers for class kits this year.

Overall? I *love* how this line up is coming together. LOVE IT! From the little details like what color stickles to use (always fun!) to the bigger picture of class names and focuses. If you’re local I hope you can come say hi! If not? I can totally ship kits (once ready). Here’s the dates:

March 18: Big Crop Party Charleston Scrapbooking (Charleston, SC)  843-569-3559

Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, CA 510-559-9929
March 5
April 30
May 21

June 25: Scrapbook Island (San Jose, CA) 408-978-8900

I’ve got some great store owners I’m working with here, and I have some pending events that aren’t finalized yet… but when they are I’ll be sure to give details! Watch for events at  The Stampers Corner in Elk Grove, CA

Poke around those pages I mentioned here on the blog, see what you think, and let me know! Got feedback? Did I miss something? Have a suggestion? Please do share. It could result in happy mail – as I’m going to pick a few commenters to send goodie bags out to!!!

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  1. You had me at Kraft!! Seriously, since Nancy Nally mentioned it on PRT a couple episodes back, I felt the need to investigate for myself. What is all the rage with kraft? I even noticed that a lot of pages that I tag for inspiration have kraft backgrounds. I hadn’t even noticed the trend. So I pulled out some kraft cardstock and I. LOVED. IT!! As always, you are right on top of things. I’ll be watching for this one. Thanks May!!

  2. You know, I made mention of “maybe” pulling together a Kraft class and I got SO MUCH positive emails and requests – I had to make it happen!!! That’s going to be a cool class, and the kit will be really comprehensive for those not able to attend.

    Thanks for the great feedback!! 🙂


  3. I really wish I lived in CA and could attend any one of these. Wanna road trip to TX 🙂 Seriously it all looks like such fun and I will certainly be checking out the kits since i cannot attend. I agree with Claudia-you had me at Kraft.

  4. Charleston? That on this coast!!! I’m totally looking into this…I wonder if I can talk some other fiskateers into making it a road trip. Hmmm…

  5. Even I can’t turn just Kraft into a 4-week class… but what I’ve got coming IS super fun. 😉

  6. If you’ve got a local store you like, give them my info! 🙂 I could totally do a So.Cal teaching trip… just would have to work it out with a store…

  7. Ooh, that kraft it class sounds like so much fun. While I usually make it to CA once a year that won’t be happening during the right time frame for your class. I’ll keep an eye out on your blog though in case there is an extra class kit.

  8. When are you coming down?

    I will have extras for sure, and they’ll be staggered based on when classes & supplies are available. 🙂 Last year I was able to sell them at same price as class fee – and that included shipping. I’m hoping to do the same this year – will depend on weight, etc…

    Hope you have a happy Wednesday!!

  9. Like so many I wish I lived in Ca. I am still hoping you will appear in the NW Chi burbs sometime. Even if it were to be in the city, I might find a way to get there. These classes sound amazing, cannot think of anything to add to them at all. I am circling March 3 in my date book and then keeping my eyes open for any future mention of your class kits.

  10. I check your blog everyday because I love everything you make and I would love for you to come to Cincinnati Ohio to teach!

  11. I so agree with you on the buttons from foof a la!!! They use to carry them at my AC Moore store but haven’t seen them in ages. I have almost used up all the ones I have and will miss them when they ar gone. Would you be able to tell me where you found them on the internet?

  12. I foof-a-la, too!!!! And absolutely KRAFT is perfect with everything….. kinda like chocolate!

  13. Possibility of kits for the kit-base classes being available for those of us who can’t attend?

  14. Most of the time it’s just too darn expensive… but once in a while something works out or a store wants a big she-bang… so if you’ve got a great local store give ’em my info!! 🙂

  15. May, I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures. Oh, I have to say those bags of buttons were so cute and colorful; if it wasn’t so late I would start scrapping right now. Oh, and I love hearing about the latest and greatest in goodies that you are going to be playing with….I can’t wait to see your designs!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Hi May, Everything you have mentioned just looks and sounds so Exciting and Inspiring. If you’re doing any of it at BPC I will for sure be registering, (I have so enjoyed Creative Retreat) my First ever Online Class and I’m a little bit behind but I’m not stressing about it. My Only Question is Will you be able to Post any of these Wonderful sounding KITS you speak of over here to OZ? I REALLY do hope so. I just can’t wait to jump in with you…. Many Thanks,
    Kind Regards,
    Bev. (bevelevy).

  17. Absolutely!!

    The in-person classes are wholly unrelated to Big Picture, but I anticipate having some extra kits to sell via my blog (or perhaps via etsy… still deciding that). I will ship internationally – depending on actual cost you’d just need to cover difference. 🙂


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