Scrappy Crafty clearance sale!!

Everything must go!! Some of these goodies date back to my days as a scrapbook store manager, in the years pre-mommyhood. Some are things I just feel like need a new home. Others? Class surplus. Items that are extra or didn’t get needed after all. It’s all GREAT stuff – it just needs new homes and so, I’m having a scrappy sale.

#1: I am going to show photos of each “lot”. The price INCLUDES PRIORITY SHIPPING IN USA. (if you’re international email me and we can work out difference) When a kit is sold, I’ll delete it from this post. So if you see it, it’s available.

Important fact #2: I’m going to pack the boxes with more stuff. If there’s room, I’ll find some crafty treasure to add. Ribbon? Stamps? more paper? who knows. Depends on the box. I CAN promise you’ll be getting more than what is pictured. It’s a lot of fun.


It’s all sold out!!! 🙂 Thanks everybody!!! I hope you enjoy the goodies.

5 thoughts on “Scrappy Crafty clearance sale!!”

  1. Oh my gosh, May! I thought you were doing another half a dozen boxes. You’ve been cleaning out and packing like crazy! Wish I could buy about half of them!

  2. I got ruthless, is what happened. All those “oh, maybe I’ll get around to…” packages & piles? GONE! Love it.

    WordPress posted my post early… not sure what’s up with that… but hopefully everybody who was waiting gets a chance to check it out!!


  3. Oh geeze May…so much cool stuff you’re getting rid of. And me still without a job. (It’s only been 2 weeks but feels like a lifetime!) I’m just itching to buy stuff!

  4. Hi May. Maybe I am overly tired from looking at tax prep all day, but I am not seeing a photo or price for lots 14 and 15. Thanks.

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