A visitor.

It’s a weird thing, but in the heat of all my deadlines and madness over here I’ve actually been doing a pretty great job of clearing out my studio. it’s a SMALL room. I’m lucky to have it, I know, but due to space it means I have to be better about cleaning & not letting stuff pile up.

I have been letting things pile up big time

Anyhow, I had to shoot a video in here yesterday… so it’s more clean than usual. and guess what? the weirdest thing happened…

The one armed man sat down and visited for a while! crazy!! He NEVER comes in here. I told him I had to take a photo because I couldn’t believe he was actually INSIDE the batcave. Something about stickers and papers and buttons sticking to his feet. But he plopped down in the reading corner and he was like “hey, it’s actually kind of nice and cozy back in here” He’s right. It IS nice in here. Especially when piles and boxes aren’t covering the few feet of floor available.

Princess has taken to sleeping back in here all day/evening again too. AND Jason came back today and visited again while I was working. Hmm.

Are visitors a good thing, or should I mess this place up real bad again asap?!

Just kidding. It’s a good thing. It feels nice to not have every single thing out. Just don’t think I’m done in here. I shoved some boxes in my scary closet, and I’m pulling those out 1 at a time…

12 thoughts on “A visitor.”

  1. I think it is wonderful that you have this burst of cleaning energy, even if it is out of necessity. Visitors are a good thing. Maybe when someone visits, we do not accomplish what we had planned, but family and friends are much more important. Now if the visitor becomes a fixture, it might be time to not pick up the piles of paper and embellishments.
    Hope everyone is on a recovery from illness theme.

  2. May, I know you were just goofing around and are probably very happy that he said it was kind of cozy in your “batcave”. I over analyze constantly. Like I have said in the past, I need to smile more.

  3. Love that chair. Will need to remember that if I get any more space. I too have had a visitor. My daughter who is in London abroad for the semester frequently calls on Skype just when I seem to go into my bat cave. She chirps away about school and her travels while I work. Reminds me of the days when my room was in my kids’ playroom! Actually I get quite a bit done because I am so used to working with noise of the chirpy, Lego kind in the background-:) Enjoy your company! And your room looks clean enough = you should see mine!

  4. Very cool … i don’t think my hubby would ever set foot in my room (maybe because there is no spare space for said foot … but that’s another story). And it’s very cool that Jason let you take his photo too!

  5. My office where I work every day is located in the same room as my scrap space. Which is not really enough room for either. I scrap standing up which is wonderful, but like you there is a path to walk in just enough room for one not two people or a person, and a dog.

    If you are thinking about kicking your visitors out don’t feel bad. Seriously visitors are fun, but when you are working it’s nice when they leave. This doesn’t make you a bad person you just have things to do. Smile tell them you love them and give them a gentle push out. LOL!!

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