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I’ve put a lot of hours & love into my next class (as I always do!) and I can’t wait for it to get started. I’m very passionate about the classes I teach, and I believe that not only is that important in the materials I provide students, but also in making myself available during class to students. Skype, email, message boards… I’m available EVERY DAY in some form to students for the 4-week duration. Chatting is so my favorite part!!  Anyhow – here’s more info on Creative Retreat:

Link to info + class registration:

This is a ONE TIME ONLY class – it will not be repeated!! So if you’re thinking about it I urge you to go ahead and sign up. BPC offers lifetime access to materials – so you truly can work at your own pace.

What is it? Well, I’ve designed this class to be highly customizable to what YOU want. You can use any supplies you like, make as many or as few layouts as you please. There’s no such thing as “required” assignments, so you can’t fall behind. Of course if you WANT mandatory assignments just email me, and I’ll give ’em to you. This is a very instructor and fellow student interactive course if you want it to be.

If you want it to be.

That’s key. In addition to the handout (that has layouts + how-to), you get a project (non-layout) tutorial, and at least 5 emails with ideas and inspiration too. Oh, and I have some FABULOUS prizes from wonderful sponsors! One of the ideas I had for this class was to keep an inspiration folder/journal/file. Some place where you can make notes & save ideas for future. I go into that in depth in the pre-class materials, as well as provide prompts on what to add to it throughout class. I also provide a weekly audio/visual presentation too designed to inspire & motivate.

It’s going to be up to each student what they want to focus on, how they treat class, and how they spend their time in retreat. Social? Off creating alone? Somewhere in the middle? It’s all up to you, the student. I *love* the format we’ve got going for this and that you can do what speaks to you, and skip (or return later) to the rest.

I can’t wait for class to start next month! I’ve got all the materials ready, and I’m looking forward to this lovely gathering of scrapbookers. Oh how I LOVE the community of BPC classes, and getting to know fellow crafters better. So fun!! I hope you’ll join me – and if you have any questions, concerns, comments – or anything at all you want to know about class feel free to email me (mflaum @ comcast . net) or leave a comment here.

Happy Crafting-


Link to class info:

13 thoughts on “Creative Retreat”

  1. Can’t wait for this class. I’m still kicking myself for not doing “Adventures in Hybrid” last year so I won’t be missing this one! I’m on holidays right now and do have some scrap stuff with me … so should I sign up now so I can do the pre-class assignment. I get home on Jan 23 so there would still be time then I guess. Just rambling. Ignore me!

  2. Hi May
    me again, i went and booked the class and couldn’t help smiling when they described you as a “veteran”.
    I am looking forward to stepping out of my zone and trying some new things.

  3. I am definitely taking this class. I took the Camp Scrap, and loved it. I think this will be fun and similar to that.

  4. I signed up and I can’t wait! I need to get some supplies used up and memories recorded! I ordered 380 photos through Snapfish when they had their special recently, so I can’t wait to get started!!!

  5. I’ve taken many of your classes and you are a lot of fun and very active on the boards. This looks like another fun experience!

  6. I’m signed up for the creative retreat, and my inspiration folder/journal/file is ready and waiting. I think I’m also going to work on a little book for my purse.

    Congrats on your promotion with Scrapbook Update! I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing your product reviews (I find myself waiting for these).

  7. Ok, after reading this I’m sold. I’m headed over to register! 🙂 I even have a inspiration binder waiting for me to fill it and magazines all over the place needing to be looked at to help with the binder! And the timing of this class for me, my schedule and workload is perfect. THAT rarely happens so I’m goin’ for it! Can’t wait!

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